CX in Retail and DTC
Talks (65)
Frozen food brands are putting DTC on ice to focus on retail expansion
Win The Best Digital CX Partner Retail Bank Award
SAP to add generative AI, industry smarts to CX tools
ALDO Group chooses Fluent Order Management to simplify its DTC CX
Stratix Launches Retail CX with Zebra Technologies’ Solutions
DTC and data-driven CX
Roundtable: Getting your CX right: where should retailers focus?
3 ways retailers can play offense with CX this year
Shipping Experience to Drive Global Growth
How To Effectively Build, Manage And Measure Customer Journeys
If DTC is broken, is CTC the fix?
Retail tech is elevating CX unlocking efficiencies
Experiment using AI/ML to sell more coffee
Marketers playbook for first-party data strategy
Marketer's playbook for first-party data strategy
4 Technology Trends That Will Redefine CPG Marketing In 2022
Direct-to-consumer retail is about dynamism, as well as data
DTC challenges: 5 ways brands can cope in difficult times
Seven DTC Marketing & Branding Strategies
Retail Workforce | Store of Tomorrow | Accenture
Getting results from customer data
Digital transformation impact and benefit in customer experience
11 Proven Strategies to Reduce Customer Churn Rate (Updated)
18 Key Customer Service Metrics + How to Use Them | Blog | Hiver™
Chatbots Vs. Humans: The State Of Conversational Commerce In 2022
The Omni-channel Approach to Customer Experience! - Supply Chain Game Changer™
Why e-commerce may be the future of pharmacies | EY - US
Gamechangers | Market Buzz
Five traps to avoid: The long game of DTC and e-commerce | McKinsey
Premiere Digital Advertising Company for Agencies & Brands | Digilant
This Is Marketing’s Ctrl-Alt-Del Moment: Leading CMOs Prioritize CX And Innovation In Business Transformation
Advertising & Marketing Technology on AWS
CX Network
Customer Experience in Digital Transformation Era - Teletimes International
The 18 Best Shopify Apps For Direct To Consumer Brands 2021
Customer Experience Experts | Customer Experience Ecosystem Agenda
The World Economic Forum
Retail Trends 2021 | Deloitte UK
How Customer Listening Assessments Create Better CX
CXBuzz Interview With Nick Lygo-Baker, Founding Director Company at Paradigm CX
Direct to Customer(DTC) Market Research Report with Size, Share, Value, CAGR, Outlook, Analysis, Latest Updates, Data, and News 2020-2026 - MarketWatchMarketWatch Site LogoMarketWatch logo
2021 Award Winners: Advertising, FMCG/CPG, Innovative, International and Tech Platform Categories | Mobile Marketing Magazine
PSFK is the home of what’s next in Retail and CX
Head of Customer Experience & Design Operations
Captivating the Connected Consumer Throughout the Shopper Journey
Uniting Inventory for Outstanding Customer Service
E.l.f. Cosmetics preps Twitch channel debut to reach Gen Zers
Building Trust to Increase Retention
D-to-Cs Proved Resilient in 2020.
4 Ways to Exceed Customer Expectations Through Del
Neiman Marcus Launches White Glove Digital Service
Why Ulta is Tuning Into Customer Feedback
Tractor Supply’s Tech Investment
Set Your Brand Apart with Immersive CX
Locking in Loyalty
Retail Trends That Will Outlast the Pandemic
Amazon Continues to Lead Tech in Retail
What is a Currnt and what do I do?
Delivering Positive CX in Retail
the new DTC Model
CX in booking home services
Brands are Defined by the Experiences They Deliver
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