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Establishing and Growing Healthy Clubs on Social Audio Apps
The Social Audio space is growing and changing quickly with new platforms coming out regularly. Steady Growth Mastermind is looking to leverage Currnt's Knowledge Stream process for quick learning in shifting environments to discover how social audio communities can maintain or grow in relevance over the next 3-5 years, even as the platform landscape evolves. As thought leaders in social audio, how can we contribute to a sustainable culture where communities continue to find value for club owners, leaders, speakers, and members?

Steady Growth Mastermind is sponsoring this private collaboration in partnership with Currnt, the platform provider, to curate an intelligent and focused discussion. Currnt's platform is designed to surface the best ideas, distill them into insights, and package them into reports every two weeks in chapters called Themes. Each Theme will take on a new challenge that we all face, explore trends, solutions, ideal scenarios, and/or courses of action on various subtopics.

This balanced dialogue is 'asynchronous' thereby creating a level playing field for us to think deeper, use references, and share examples to support our ideas. While it is robust, it is also easy. "Asynchronous' also means at-convenience. You can pop in any time to visit the latest thinking and contribute.
Retail - Sensing Trends and Disruptions Impacting the Retail Workforce
We're assembling an online advisory panel to explore the trends and disruptions impacting the retail and e-commerce workforce. Specifically, we'll discuss the technological, social, economic, demographic, environmental, and geopolitical shifts that are shaping the future workforce landscape in retail.

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