Business In A Remote World


Business In A Remote World


A curation on ways to navigate your business and support customers and employees in a remote world. From transitioning to a remote business model, to supporting and protecting employees, and providing customers with amazing remote experiences.

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The Future of Employee Benefits
As the world begins to recover from the pandemic, we want to explore how the needs of employee benefits have shifted and how organizations are adjusting HR priorities to meet these needs.
Trends Reshaping the Future of Work and Talent Management
Workforce disruption and changes are happening at an unprecedented pace. Staying ahead of these workforce trends and disruptions is even more important for business leaders today as they look to effectively acquire, train, manage, and grow their talent. To better understand workforce disruption, we're assembling an online advisory panel of human resources and other workforce professionals, including leaders in HR, workforce planning, talent acquisition, and others.

With this panel we seek to explore and understand these trends and their implications on the workforce today and in the future. We'll discuss the technological, social, economic, demographic, environmental, and geopolitical shifts that are shaping the landscape of HR functions - including employee benefits, employee retention, talent acquisition, etc.

We are asking experts to engage in an ongoing brainstorming discussion to validate trends and high-level thinking. Once approved for the panel (usually within 24 hours) you can come in at your own convenience.
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