Clean Energy Drivers
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Thailand to become home to the world’s largest solar roof | Sustainability Magazine
Turning What Would Have Been Wasted Food Into Renewable Treasure
A comprehensive overview on demand side energy management towards smart grids: challenges, solutions, and future direction | Energy Informatics | Full Text
Under Armour Announces New Methodology to Measure Fiber Shedding
Oil and gas companies are investing billions to make energy from waste
Natural products trends: What's in the pipeline for 2023
Environmental Compliance: Latest News and Best Practices
Packaging innovations at Luxe Pack and MakeUp in Los Angeles
Philips Persists in ESG Commitments, Despite Disappointing Year
Sustainability trends impacting the food packaging industry
People, Planet and Profit in Rural China
Emerging and Advanced Technologies in Biodegradable Plastics for Sustainability | SpringerLink
Paper bottles to reduce wine carbon footprint
Hive Energy Acquires Bamboo Plantation for Sustainable Packaging
Rubicon and Wood Residential Sign Three-Year Contract Extension for Comprehensive Waste & Recycling Solutions
Top 5 Initiatives in Sustainable Packaging Solutions
Sustainability trends and gaps in the textile, apparel and fashion industries | SpringerLink
Climate Change, Resource Use and Greenhouse Gases | Noblis
The Future of the Sports Apparel Industry: "Navigating Sustainability, Cost Pressures, IP Issues, and Changing Consumer Trends" | Market Research Reports® Inc.
FSC Implements Measures to Strengthen Social Engagement and Standard-Setting Processes
Sustainable Aviation Fuel Made from Captured CO2
Charging cars at home at night is not the way to go, study finds
In One Tiny German Town, Nobody Worries About Energy Bills | Manufacturing Business TechnologyLinkedIn iconLinkedIn iconLinkedIn icon
Energy Transitions, Regulations Driving Energy as a Service Market Growth
Air Canada Aims to Decarbonize Using Sustainable Aviation Fuels
West Virginia Now Home to Clean Hydrogen Hub
An Introduction to Lead-Acid Batteries and EPCRA Reporting
Nucor Boasts Superior Greenhouse Gas Reductions for Steel Operations
SoCalGas Launches Renewable Hydrogen Microgrid
DOE Hydrogen Hub Program Launches
Q&A: Wicked Weed Shares Practical Steps to Brewery Sustainability Success (Plus Tactics You Can Steal)
Amazon to Use Electrofuels in its Middle Mile Fleet
Toyota, NREL Collaborate to Advance Megawatt-Scale Fuel Cell Systems
PepsiCo Achieves its First Circular Water System in Mexico Production Facility
Efficient heating key to meeting peak demands, decarbonizing buildings
Senate Unveils Legislation Addressing Energy Initiatives
DOE to Give State, Local Governments $225M to Expand Building Energy Efficiency
Rivian Supplies Amazon with Thousands of Electric Delivery Vehicles
California Air Resources Board Will Help These Sectors Purchase Sustainable Vehicles
Boeing Unveils Model to Show Best Routes to Zero Carbon Future
Shell Plans Largest Green Hydrogen Plant in Europe
Hydrogen-powered trains to be used in Germany’s capital region
Let’s talk integrated photovoltaics
Construction of the World’s 1st Open CO2 Transport & Storage Fac
Deloitte: CFOs More Involved in Company Decarbonization Efforts
Volvo Energy Invest Millions into Battery Energy Storage Company
Fort Bragg Gets Floating Solar Plant
FedEx Receives first 150 Electric Delivery Vehicles, Marks Milestone
Plastic to hydrogen facility in West Dunbartonshire gets green light
New N.Dak. Facility Will Generate 75 mln gal. of Renewable Diesel
Plug Power to Build a Hydrogen Plant at Port of Antwerp-Bruges
Report: Smart Buildings Market Reaches $78 Billion by 2030
Caterpillar, District Energy St. Paul Plan 2 MW CHP Project
BMW Exploring Energy Investments to Reduce Dependence on Natural Gas
Google Has Invested $3.5 Billion In Green Energy Projects Worldwide
Cemex Successfully Turns CO2 into Carbon Nanomaterials
Tidal Blade Facility to Be Leading Edge of Green Energy Testing
'Night-time solar' technology can now deliver power in the dark
Harnessing the power of solar energy through photosynthesis
Unique Sustainability Features Open Google’s Bay View Campus
GenCell Energy Delivers Zero-Emission Fuel Cell Backup Power to Rail Industry
GM Has Become an ‘Energy Star’ with Efficiency and Circular Programs
Cabify to Decarbonize Spain Fleet by 2025
Yum China Launches First KFC Green Pioneer Stores
Plug Supplies Walmart with Green Hydrogen to Power Lift Fleet
US Foods Commits to Using 100% Renewable Diesel for its Distribution Centers
Mercedes-Benz to Supply 70% of Energy Needs with Renewables, Halve Vehicle Emissions
Bacteria Could Generate Electricity from Methane
Why Vehicle-to-Building and Virtual Power Plants Could Beef-Up Commercial Operations
California Ports Program Encourages use of Zero Emissions Trucks
1st Regulated Carbon Credit Trading Exchange for Corporations to Open
Report: Surging Energy Prices Accelerating Pace of Wind, Solar, Battery Adoption
The Door Is Open to Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia
Program Aims to Reduce Carbon Emissions of Heavy Machinery
Maersk Will Hit the High Seas with Carbon-Friendly Vessels
Oat Waste Turned Into Energy Helps Oatly Facilities Transition to 100% Renewable Electricity
How massive international clean hydrogen trade will look in 2050
United Partners with Biotech Firm to Create New Sustainable Aviation Fuel
Saint-Gobain Adds Heat Recovery System at Vancouver Plant to Increase Energy Efficiency
Hydrogen or Electricity? Carmakers take Different Paths
Massport to Increase Energy Efficiency and Transition to Sustainable Fuels
Turkey to grant 40% to farmers for solar power systems
Smart System to Optimize Energy Use of Water Heaters
Honda to test fuel cell power station at California site
Airbus sets sights on zero emission hydrogen-pow. aircraft from 2035
Honda, Sony Plan New Electric Vehicle Operation
DHL Is Adopting This Innovative Technology To Reduce Its Carbon Emissions
Green hydrogen is cheaper than blue in Middle East, but not in Europe
1st solar canal project: win for water, energy, air & climate in CA
India Plans to Produce 5 mln Tonnes of Green Hydrogen by 2030
Organic Rankine Cycle Energy Production Planned by Enel X, Nuova Solmine
Los Angeles Considers Zero-Carbon Requirement for All New Buildings
Sheetz Adds Renewable Energy to Power Pennsylvania Stores
US Army Releases First Ever Climate Strategy Emphasizing Resilience
Amazon Accelerates Corporate Green Energy Buying and Electric Transportation
Edison Energy Predicts Price Easing Across the Renewables Sector
Smart Cities Use Rapidly Changing Tech to Advance Zero Emissions
Transportation, Clean Energy Demands Help Increase Hydrogen Fuel Cell Market
BMW Increases Use of Green and Recycled Steel in Manufacturing
Maersk Launches First Full Scale Offshore Vessel Charging Venture
Gravity Could Solve Clean Energy’s One Major Drawback | WIREDMenuStory SavedCloseChevronStory SavedCloseSearchFacebookTwitterEmailSave StoryFacebookTwitterEmailSave StoryTwitterFacebookTwitterPinterestYouTubeInstagramTiktok
How T-Mobile Became the First Wireless Company to Achieve 100% Renewable Energy
PepsiCo Solar Thermal in Brazil Heats Water, Cuts Emissions
US wave energy projects: open-water testing & boost in funding
Launch of american 2nd commercial-scale offshore wind energy project
Interview with inventor of "MechanicalTree" CO2 capture technology
How Chevron’s New Anaerobic Digester Will Work
Germany to launch emergency programme for emissions reduction
What We’re Watching in Reconciliation: Regular Updates from EDF
Kaiser Permanente Highlights Its Industry-Leading Green Buildings
What is wishcycling?
Timberland: 100% of our products will be ready for circularity by 2030
ExxonMobil Expands Interest in Biofuels, Acquires Large Stake in Biojet AS
Why Utility Data Is the First Step in Your Sustainability Strategy
SkyBox Datacenters Completes Construction of New Data Center Powered by Renewable Energy
Seventh Generation--on a Sustainability Mission | Packaging WorldFacebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn iconFacebook iconTwitter iconLinkedIn icon
Uniqlo parent unveils sustainability plan - BusinessWorld Online
World’s First Carbon Removal Plant Converting Wood Waste to Hydrogen
Panasonic commits to reduce the CO2 emissions and use clean energy
FACT SHEET: President Biden Signs Executive Order Catalyzing America’s Clean Energy Economy Through Federal Sustainability | The White House Toggle High Contrast Toggle Large Font Size
Moving into the new world of zero emissions
Power Generation | Offerings | Siemens Energy Global
Sustainability | An Open Access Journal from MDPI
Insight, news & analysis in the power industry | Power Finance & Risk
NYSERDA - New York State Energy Research & Development Authority - NYSERDA
Conceptualization of a new generation of smart energy systems and the transition toward them using anticipatory systems | European Journal of Futures Research | Full Text
Energies | Special Issues
Energy | Energy
Energy Technology News -- ScienceDaily
Energy Research & Consultancy | Wood MackenzieGo to navigationToggle subsection visibilityToggle subsection visibilityToggle subsection visibilityToggle subsection visibilityToggle subsection visibilityToggle subsection visibilityToggle subsection visibili
Green Car Congress
Energies | An Open Access Journal from MDPI
Governor Hochul Announces Partnership to Expand Solar Development Support for Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands - NYSERDA
IEA – International Energy AgencycrossIEAClose SearchSubmitIEAcircle-arrowcircle-arrowcircle-arrowcircle-arrowcircle-arrowcircle-arrowcircle-arrowcircle-arrowcircle-arrowcircle-arrowcircle-arrowcircle-arrowcircle-arrowcircle-arrowSearchBagUser ProfileSearc
These 9 technological innovations will shape the sustainability agenda in 2019 | McKinsey & Company
Fact Sheet: President Biden Tackles Methane Emissions, Spurs Innovations, and Supports Sustainable Agriculture to Build a Clean Energy Economy and Create Jobs | The White House Toggle High Contrast Toggle Large Font Size
Impact of Green financing, FinTech, and financial inclusion on energy efficiency | SpringerLink
Power Quality in Renewable Energy Microgrids Applications with Energy Storage Technologies: Issues, Challenges and Mitigations | IntechOpen
World's Leading AI Energy Storage Solution | Stem Athena
Environmental Jobs, Green Jobs, Conservation Jobs |
Distributed Energy Management of the Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid with High Penetration of Distributed Energy Resources Based on ADMM
EDF Renewables Powering Progress | Sustainable Energy in North America
7 Green Energy Stocks That Could Catch a 2021 Tailwind | Kiplinger
Sustainability | Free Full-Text | A Scoping Review of Ontologies Relevant to Design Strategies in Response to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) | HTML
Optimal Power Flow Algorithm Based on Second-Order Cone Relaxation Method for Electricity-Gas Integrated Energy Microgrid
Sustainability | Free Full-Text | B Corps’ Social Media Communications during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Through the Lens of the Triple Bottom Line | HTML
Sustainability | Free Full-Text | Corporate Social Responsibility and the Renewable Energy Development in the Baltic States | HTML
Renewable Energy & Carbon Advisory Senior Consultant | Schneider Electric USA
How AI Enabled Asset Management is Driving Down the Cost of Renewable Energy
Sustainability | Free Full-Text | Sustainability and Resilience Revisited: Impact of Information Technology Disruptions on Empirical Retail Logistics Efficiency | HTML
Sustainability | Free Full-Text | Role of Ethical Marketing in Driving Consumer Brand Relationships and Brand Loyalty: A Sustainable Marketing Approach | HTML
Separation of materials and its circulation
As Fortune 500 firms seek ESG goals, investors eye sustainability software
Sustainability | Free Full-Text | Perception of Social Responsibility Strategy in Higher Education: Empirical Study in Poland | HTML
ADDING MULTIMEDIA Aspiration, a Leading Sustainability Services Platform for People and Businesses, to Become Publicly Traded via Merger With InterPrivate III Financial Partners Inc. - MarketWatchMarketWatch Site LogoMarketWatch logo
CSRWire - WEC Energy Group Corporate Responsibility Report Highlights Commitment to Affordable, Reliable and Clean Energy
Sustainability | Free Full-Text | Towards Sustainable Digital Innovation of SMEs from the Developing Countries in the Context of the Digital Economy and Frugal Environment | HTML
Sustainability | Free Full-Text | Sustainable Supply Chains with Blockchain, IoT and RFID: A Simulation on Order Management | HTML
Sustainability | Free Full-Text | The Development of Autonomous Student Learning Networks: Patterns of Interactions in an Open World Learning Environment for Teachers Exploring Teaching with and through Computer Science | HTML
People on the Move: Electriq Power, OneD Battery Sciences, Common Energy, GridPoint, and more – pv magazine USA
Sustainability | Free Full-Text | Potential Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles on Urban Sprawl: A Comparison of Chinese and US Car-Oriented Adults | HTML
Sustainability | Free Full-Text | Expanding Policy for Biodegradable Plastic Products and Market Dynamics of Bio-Based Plastics: Challenges and Opportunities | HTML
Sustainability | Free Full-Text | The Sustainable Development of Financial Topic Detection and Trend Prediction by Data Mining | HTML
People on the Move: Tigo Energy, Bright Night, Charles Rivers Associates, Array Technologies, and more – pv magazine USA
Sustainability | Free Full-Text | Cooperative Green Technology Innovation of an E-Commerce Sales Channel in a Two-Stage Supply Chain | HTML
Sustainable Savings: How Enterprises Can Create Value With Renewable Energy | GEP
Climate and Clean Energy Policy State of Play | Insights | Holland & Knight
Climate and Clean Energy Policy State of Play | Holland & Knight LLP - JDSupra
Clean Energy Glossary | North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association
Workforce Building Scientists
Reducing Methane Emissions
What is a Currnt and what do I do?
Geothermal Energy Now
Hydrogen Movement Gains Ground
Insurance/Credit Risk as Driver?
Competition as a Driver?
Follow the Money - Bloomberg NEF Investment Report
Some Pre-Requisites to our Green Energy Discussion
An Interesting Article - Solar EV Charging Station
A new era of solar energy
Solar Is on a Roll
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