Tony Fish
Tony Fish

investor, author and maverick

Sydney, Australia

  • Focus: Contributions are valued by peers
  • Accountability: Thoroughly contributes in all areas
  • Sense of Urgency: Consistently responds in a timely fashion
  • Team: Frequently supports and responds to peers

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Level: LEVEL 02 (12mo pts: 117 pts)

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Management 65
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Privacy 10
Marketing 8
Mobile 4
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Tony is a seasoned executive director with over 25 years of experience in investment, innovation and high growth. He brings digital and transformation skills to any board.

His professional life has cut across a diverse range of sectors including venture capital, health, finance, digital fabrication, media, mobile, sport and education. His attention is currently focused on AI, voice, ethics, Blockchain and cryptocurrency

Tony has founded, co-founded, sold and listed many businesses but remains passionate about highly disruptive technology which has the capability of scaling fast and is at an early stage. He brings professional working knowledge and experience of raising funding as a founder and adviser, funding growth companies as a partner and general partner of funds and representing corporates in M&A transactions.

Whilst his style is based on deep involvement, clear decision making, robust financials, fast iteration, trust, transparency and strong open governance controls; he brings innovation, entrepreneurship, energy, enthusiasm and transformation skills.

In addition to speaking at over 200 events and conferences on innovation, entrepreneurship, digital trends and early stage growth, he has authored and published three books. He is a visiting Fellow at Henley Business School for entrepreneurship and innovation, and an EC expert for Big Data.

Specialties: Strategy, disruption, transformation, high growth, innovation, funding, governance, structures, venture capital, term sheets, keynote speaker, digital trends, digital identity, trust, privacy, digital footprint and personal data.



Fab Lab London

January 2014 - Present

co-founded , designed, funded, built and ran the FabLab London operation

28,000 people passed through the lab, £1m t/o after 18 months, breakeven month 1, hundreds of innovation projects delivered, o jobs created and new companies formed

a key partner with the RSA for the delivery of the Circular Economy project and the Great Recovery Project

Working with Barclays, supported by Ashok Vaswani, to design, build, operate and hand over Eagle labs

advised and supported the creation of FabLab's across the globe from IOM to Iran, Afghanistan to UAE, Ghana to Peru, Jorden to Egypt to name a few.

Co-Founder and Director


April 2013 - Present

Providing a personalised gaming service that gives back to grass root clubs and activities

Enablers Board


September 2011 - Present

With a number of industrial leaders help and support SWIFT with innovation



January 2013 - Present

feynlabs is developing a set of unique techniques to accelerate the learning of programming, computer science and computational thinking among young people.


iNeed Limited

August 2012 - Present


My Digital Footprint

January 2009 - Present

Exploring the clashes of identity, open, privacy, public, trust, data, control, ownership, data, business model and futures


Personal Data Ecosystem

March 2011 - Present

The Consortium catalyzes a Personal Data Ecosystem where individuals control their own data by enabling a thriving network of businesses around personal data stores and services.


AMF Ventures

January 2001 - Present

private investment vehicle in Personal Data, Digital Identity, Reputation, Privacy, Trust, Intention, Analysis, AI, digital and innovative business models

Visting Fellow

Henley Business School

March 2017 - Present

Visting Fellow in Leadership, Organisations and Behaviour
Reading University

Entrepreneur In Residence

Bradford University School of Management

October 2017 - Present

A new role for the Faculty of Management and Law (FoML). The purpose of this position is to inspire students and members of staff within the faculty to embrace, practice and learn from entrepreneurial activities and help to identify opportunities to support our staff and students.

Along with Martin Allison we are both Alumi and the first Entrepreneurs in Residence !

Board Advisor

September 2017 - Present do not touch, see or hold any personal data, but as a platform enables individuals to gain control over all aspects of thier personal data and enables consent control on how their data is used. The platforms enables businesses to gain access to data.

Visiting Lecturer: AI and ethics

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

December 2017 - Present

Focus on ethics and morals for AI, big data, privacy and personal data. Building new frameworks for governance, business and coders


All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence (APPG AI)

October 2017 - Present

The APPG AI will address the economic, social, and ethical implications of developing and implementing Artificial Intelligence (including machine learning, natural language understanding, automated reasoning, autonomous systems, etc). We aim: to unpack the term, to gather evidence to better understand it, to assess its impact, and, ultimately, to empower decision-makers to make policies in the sphere. Without being too technical, we will try to understand how AI will impact the lives of UK citizens and organisations, and subsequently, whether and how it should be regulated. Bringing together government, business, and academia we will share evidence and assist in setting an agenda for how the UK should address AI moving forward. There is a lot to explore and evidence is key shaping the future.



December 2017 - Present

digital transformation, strategy and growth