Scott Taylor

Scott Taylor

Director of Sales and Marketing for Cloudia Assistant / Author: The Opportunity in Every Problem / CRM / Drip Marketing at Cloudia Assistant (Insurance CRM)

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I deeply enjoy serving my fellow man and helping people in whatever capacity possible. My desire is to continue in this service the remainder of my days.

I have learned; chasing money is a rather hollow existence and frought with disappointment, betrayal, insincere friends and untrustworthy allies. When I do business with a desire only to help others, there is only success, and on a variety of levels. The financial rewards are nice, but the perks of providing honorable service are far greater.

"Let no man seek his own, but every man another's wealth." 1 Corinthians 10:24

I am very happy in my venture with Cloudia Assistant. We offer a CRM/Lead Tracking/Drip Marketing system with a Health Quote Engine and Commission Calculation System for small and medium size businesses (Enterprise version good for companies with 300+ users) as well as special folder sharing (including hunt groups) for Call Centers. We are simply the company who remembers the hard times and we want to help agents, agencies and call centers get through them faster than we did. Agents are finding it more and more difficult to succeed and nobody seem to care. We exist to help agents and agencies, at all levels, produce more, become more effective and organized, and do so at an affordable and sustainable rate. I enjoy working with companies who truly offer a service that helps their customers in a dramatic fashion and Cloudia Assistant does this better than any I've previously worked with.

For those interested, I can be contacted at:
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Director of Sales and Marketing at Cloudia Assistant (Insurance CRM)
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