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Sandy Waters

Semi Retired at SW Consulting but still helping companies accelerate growth at SW Consulting

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To contact me directly please email at MAINEWOODS140@HOTMAIL.COMTwitter: sandy_waters1Video - Topic is New Media: Author: "Sales - What A Concept!", link: - Author: "The Future, What A Concept!", Epub date 12/14 - Author: "Accelerators and Startups", Epub date 3/15- Author: Epubs - Humor - Summer Memories: A Scent of Summer (#1), Humor - Some Tall Turkey Tales (#2), Humor - Close Encounters of the Manure Kind (#3). Want to know what the future looks like for your business? Call me and "State the nature of your problem". Ask what your company can do with a creative business development professional with over forty years of entrepreneurism. I lead, provide guidance, coaching, and a whole lot more. - Business Future Strategist, Author, facilitator and Practitioner of Open Innovation methods, AGILE technology innovation, tech transfer and commercialization, forensic marketing methods, Agile marketing methods, channel assessment, performance improvement, sales process performance improvement- Miller Heiman Sales Performance Consultant and expert with sales and diagnostics, strategic and tactical business planning, high performance marketing plans, channel development, Large Account Management processes- Business Development of new channels, alliances, partnerships, joint ventures and other forms of business development- Small and Medium Enterprise Business Process Champion Evangelist for Sales System Processes - Product and Services planning, ideation, commercialization, Open Innovation development methods, launch and support- International , Commercial, Government, and Public Sector Business Development- Market research, segmentation, product and service mapping, forensic marketing, market intelligence assessments- Expertise with strategic and tactical planning, sales planning, market planning and execution - Expertise in channel development, channel assessments, competitive profiling and positioning
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Semi Retired at SW Consulting
Chief Business Developer, Sales Consultant with Miller Heiman at SW Consulting
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Monetizing Clubhouse
The hottest new app of 2021. A curation on the latest tips and trends on how to leverage and monetize Clubhouse.
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Currnt Product Development
We just launched this new experience called Currnts (of which, this is one) and want to get feedback about the experience while using the experience...its soooo meta! Thanks in advance to all that contribute...your input here goes right into our product roadmap.


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CX in Retail and DTC
This Currnt is a curation of best practices for companies to align strategy, tech, culture, metrics, analytics, communication, and processes to maximize the customer experience.

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Exploring the Global Attitudes and Cultures Toward Aging
Exploring the attitudes and cultures toward aging globally
Leadership Strategies & Tactics to Transform Corporate Culture
Two key curiosities: 1. Understand thoughts and opinions on corporate culture today
2. Learn what is most enticing within the sales journey today
Driving Growth through Lean Startup Innovation
Lean startup innovation and the development of best practices and processes.
The Impact of Tariffs on Retailers and Manufacturers
To understand the impact of tariffs on manufacturers and retailers, both from a cost perspective and if/how they are planning for the future. This includes any changes to strategy (i.e. pricing, R&D, operations, etc.).
Leading Through Disruptions
How are industries, brands, and people adapting to the disruptions happening around them?
Transforming the B2B Buying Experience
B2B sales are hard but buying is even harder. Today's buyer is being bombarded with a constant flow of emails, phone calls, and social touches which is creating lots of noise for buyers to pick out the signal that matters. We are looking to learn how organizations are using science and sincerity to 'rise above the noise' to create a better buying experience.
The Communication Strategies of Leadership Teams
Interested in learning about the language of the C-suite. Trying to create an expert panel of former and current C-level executives and have a conversation about communication strategies between roles and functions
How the Aging Population is Leveraging Technology to Improve Daily Life
We would love to understand how the aging population is leveraging technology today to improve their day to day lives. We'd also love to learn how brands are focusing on building brand loyalty and an on-going positive experience, focused heavily on the aging population which includes but is not limited to just healthcare.
The Future of Business Coaching
The Future of Business Coaching

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