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Robert Fisher, Ph.D.

Partner at Fisher Consulting Partners, LLC at Fisher Consulting Partners, LLC

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I create, develop and execute product and ingredient innovation along with scientific organizational business skills and culture to drive business results. I specialize in the food, ingredient and agricultural global industries for Fortune 500, mid sized and start up companies private and public companies. Expert scientific skills in beverages (alcoholic, nonalcoholic, still & carbonated), soups, sauces, gravies, frozen foods, sweeteners (natural & artificial), starches, fibers, agricultural ingredients (tomatoes, vegetables, hops, malt) along with food processing and quality. I enjoy and look forward to utilizing my vast experience, knowledge and direct style to increase your speed to market, success rate and returns to your business from a scientific and technical leadership as a C Level executive.

A record of strengthening and growing businesses, identifying and implementing innovative technologies, building consumer & ingredient products from concept to the market with technical leadership. Adept at open innovation, change management, voice of customer, quality systems and cost reduction methodologies to enhance focus and success.

Able to translate complex technical issues into understood benefits and results. Extensive network within universities, government, and food industries. Experience with intellectual property development and licensing.

Have provided business and technical leadership as a member of non profit and private company Boards of Directors.

Specialties include:
New Business Development
Global Research & Development Leadership
New Product & Technology Development
Open Innovation
Intellectual Property & Licensing Experience
Organizational development
Strategic Planning
Change management

Outside of work I enjoy my family, work on my daughter's education fund (The Christine L. Fisher Early Childhood Education Fund) improve my golf game and enjoy fast cars.
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Advisory Board Member at South Pier Capital, Inc.
Technical Advisory Board Member at Sargento Foods
Food Consultant at Fisher Consulting Partners, LLC
Technical Advisory Board Member at Bush Brothers & Company
Managing Partner at Fisher Consulting Partners, LLC
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Exploring Behavior Changes Toward Sustainable Nutrition
How can we (food industry) act to speed up consumers’ switches towards diets with less meat and more plant-based proteins?

1) Is there a way to create a movement that goes beyond hipsters / trend followers or
even vegans/vegetarians into something that impacts a wide number of people – e.g.
at lower middle class or mainstream consumer?
2) What can industry do to create a greater demand for sustainable nutrition food
products – for instance that facilitate the consumption of meals with less/no meat
that are found in ‘ordinary’ supermarkets, that are regularly eaten and not only for
niche, special, premium, once-off products?
3) What kind of benefits can be used to motivate consumers to make switches to more
sustainable nutrition, e.g. more plant-based eating, or meat alternatives or reduced
amount of meat? We are interested in benefits that are technically feasible and have
minimum impact on profitability.
4) How important is it to communicate environment, social or health benefits to
motivate consumers to move to more sustainable diets, such as more plant-based
products or less/no meat?
5) What role can social media play to support this switch and how can the industry use
this in a credible and motivating way?What kind of partnerships with the industry will
help drive consumer change towards sustainable nutrition, such as more plant-based
Exploring the Challenges and Disruption of Private vs Public Companies
Voice of Customer (VoC) research objectives for Private 1K Companies (P1K) are to
• Add dimension to our understanding of how Private companies may be similar/different from Public companies
• Priority Map Question: What are the most critical opportunities *private companies should be investing in to be relevant in the next 3-5 years? (vs. Public?)
• Persona; Pain points? what influences him? What does he want in a consultancy?
• Purchase journey – what skills do they seek when evaluating a new professional services firm
• Thoughts/reactions to Grant Thornton existing communications
Energy Saving and Sustainability Goals
Marketing group from Industrial company is seeking to better identify sales opportunities at specific customer locations where their on-site power solutions can help meet energy savings and sustainability goals.
We've brought together a range of target perspectives from NA commercial and industrial companies - including Chief Sustainability Officers, CFOs, COOs, Facility executives, and Energy/Utility Managers - to better understand their challenges.
Next Gen Solids for Agile Manufacturing
Cleaning Regimes (next gen solids) to allow rapid change over and more agile manufacturing footprint.
Opportunities in Sustainable Nutrition
1. Gut microbiome: practical applications and opportunities beyond existing products.
2. Do consumers understand sustainable nutrition concept and will this influence what and how they eat
3. Future of fermentation and fermented foods
Vetting Innovation Portfolio Strategy of Flavoring & Condiments
McKormic Corp, a leading spices, herbs, and flavorings company, is seeking to quickly assess a potential M&A of French's Mustard, the leader in condiments (mustard, ketchup, etc.). By assembling perspectives/POVs from experts in food innovation, McKormic can vet the potential merger, understand its value, and justify it.
By merging their combined portfolios of both flavoring and condiments, the client would like to understand how the merger can be leveraged to bring new innovation concepts to market. (Aiming to launch this Design Sprint next week).
Nutritional Perspective on Gut Health
Gut health from a nutritional perspective. What are the trends in the different global markets. Where is there consumer interest, consumer understanding and what products are selling
Breakthrough Innovations in Smart Packaging
What new technologies are people using in smart packaging and smart devices in the FMCG health category? Pertains to: foot care, dermatology, suncare, nutrition, cough and cold
Technologies to Reduce Aftertastes of Sweeteners
Technologies to significantly reduce the sweet lingering of high potency sweeteners
Seeking leading facilitator feedback
How can we improve our new (ongoing) Discovery Boards?
Technology Trends Impacting Life Sciences
Topic: Technology Process Innovation in the Life Science Industry (Trends / Opportunity Detection on a continuous basis)

Definition: Technology Process Innovation is the adoption of technologically new or significantly improved production methods, including methods of product delivery. These methods may involve changes in equipment, or production organization, or a combination of these changes, and may be derived from the use of new knowledge. The methods may be intended to produce or deliver technologically new or improved products (= goods or services), which cannot be produced or delivered using conventional production methods, or essentially to increase the production or delivery efficiency of existing products.
Advisory Board on Immunology and Gut Health
Understand the latest thinking, technical advancements relating gut health with whole body immunology and immuno-resilience.

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