Paul Belle Isle

Paul Belle Isle

Chief Marketing Advisor

Joined 08/16/2018. Invited by
Michael Phelan


Senior marketing leader with deep skill set spanning acquisition, retention, brand, loyalty, and product management in established, growth stage, and startup firms. Change agent with extensive experience leading the transformation of teams and functional organizations to deliver results and attain objectives. Passionate about developing people through mentorship and example. Adept at driving the bottom line, building brands, and shaping organizations through strategic, tactical, and interpersonal expertise.

Strengths include:
• Data-driven consumer and business marketing
• Digital strategy and tactical execution
• Building brands and business lines
• Direct and matrixed leadership
• Driving positive transformation
• Profit and loss (P&L) management
• Agile product development
• Aligning business and technical function
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Level: LEVEL 01 (12mo pts: 10 pts)

Rating: 4.35/5 stars (51 ratings)

Lifetime points: 1525 pts

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Chief Marketing Advisor at Surround Insurance
Vice President, Membership Marketing at AAA Northeast
Vice President, Acquisition Strategy & Integrated Marketing at Fidelity Investments
Vice President, Customer Strategy and Integrated Marketing at Fidelity Investments
Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer at Cobridge Communications
Director, Loyalty & Retention at Charter Communications
Senior Product Manager at Sprint
Manager, E-Commerce and Sales Channel Integration at Sprint
E-Commerce Brand Consultant at Data Downlink Corporation
E-Commerce Consultant at Belle Isle World Wide Web Services
Manager, Medical Center Charitable Donor Relations at Georgetown University Medical Center
Manager, Medical Center Development Resources at Georgetown University Medical Center
Project Manager at Battle of Normandy Foundation
Project Manager at RFK Memorial
Staff Assistant, Office of Senator Patrick Leahy at United States Congress
Intern, Office of Congressman Bob Carr at United States Congress
Head of Marketing, Commercial Specialty Products at Aetna
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  • Aug 2021 - Aug 2021

    Participated in a KnowledgeStream™: "The Future of Marketing Data and Privacy"

  • Jul 2019 - Aug 2019

    Participated in a KnowledgeStream™: "The Future of Digital Customer Engagement"

  • Aug 2018 - Dec 2018

    Participated in a KnowledgeStream™: "How the Aging Population is Leveraging Technology to Improve Daily Life"

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The Future of Marketing Data and Privacy
Marketers today have become awash in data and many don’t know how good the data they are using actually is. Low-quality data leads to ineffective marketing and wasted spend which underscores the importance of first-party data. In our panel, we will explore the challenges in ensuring data is high-quality, the barriers in data collection, and discuss solutions around data in a privacy-centric world.
The Future of Digital Customer Engagement
In an era where customer engagement is more and more critical what are the key priorities for organizations to communicate with their customers in the short and medium term?

Themes to be discussed include looking at:
1. Popular and emerging technologies such as email, video, chatbots and voice based interactions – which are key? What about in person?
2. What does Digital Transformation mean in practice – how far along are organizations?
3. SaaS based vs on prem – more and more organizations choose to deploy SaaS based solutions for their customer interactions – will this be key to how digital transformation is delivered?
The Sprinklr CMO Advisory Board: Defining the Future of Marketing
Title: The Sprinklr CMO Advisory Board
Tagline: Defining the Future of Marketing
About: Marketing is now the most distinguishing, critical function for business. Today, marketing is responsible for building relationships with a company’s top asset – the customer. Connecting with customers is no longer about broadcasting a clever message. In our social world, it’s what customers say about brands that truly matters most. This new reality requires a fundamental shift in marketing strategies.

The CMO Advisory Board brings together passionate leaders to discuss current industry challenges and define the future of marketing. Through a series of virtual and in-person events, members will share their world-shifting visions for the future of marketing, advertising, social media management and more. The CMO Advisory Board is a forum of ideas – the bigger, the better – for how brands can offer game-changing customer experiences on every touchpoint imaginable.
How the Aging Population is Leveraging Technology to Improve Daily Life
We would love to understand how the aging population is leveraging technology today to improve their day to day lives. We'd also love to learn how brands are focusing on building brand loyalty and an on-going positive experience, focused heavily on the aging population which includes but is not limited to just healthcare.

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