Isabel Moreno Indias

Isabel Moreno Indias

Miguel Servet Research Fellow at IBIMA focused on the role of gut microbiota in metabolic diseases at IBIMA

Joined 02/20/2018. Invited by
María F Lara


I am a recognized researcher in the study of metabolic diseases, especially in relation to the
gut microbiota, with a profound expertise in molecular and bioinformatics approaches, as well
as the use of animal models.
I conducted my PhD Thesis at Universidad de las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC, 2007-2011). I defended my thesis with honors in 2011. I obtained the Special Mention Award of the University in Health Sciences. My thesis was reached under the European Doctorate
basis, after spending a 4 months research stay (1 month in 2008 and 3 months in 2009)
in the Oxford University (United Kingdom) and a 6 months research stay at University of
Pennsylvania (USA, 2011), studying the physiological basis of the complement system.
After that, I obtained an associated professor position at Universidad Internacional de la Rioja
(UNIR, 2011-2014). I was combining this position intermittently with another as a researcher, first at Instituto Tecnológico Agroalimentario de Extremadura (INTAEX, 2012) and then with a Postdoctoral contract Sara Borrell (ISCIII) in Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas de Málaga ( IBIMA, 2013-2016). During the last year (2015), I spent 7 months at the Copenhagen University (Denmark), conducting an experimental study on the effect of diet on the gut microbiota establishment in gnotobiotic mice.
Currently, I have active collaborations with researchers from different national and
international institutions . In addition, I am a researcher of the CIBERObn research network, to study the physiopathology of obesity and its complications.
During my whole career, I have maintained an excellent record of publications, improving the
quality and the metrics especially during the last years of my postdoctoral period. I am inventor of two patents and I am
currently supervising three PhD students. Finally, I am referee for different SCI journals and
associated editor of a SCI journal. I was referee of one scientific project for an international
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Miguel Servet Research Fellow at IBIMA
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Estrogen's Impact on Cortisol Production
There has been a significant up-tick in scientific publications regarding gender differences in the response and regulation of the hypothalamus/pituitary/adrenal (HPA) axis. In women, the presence of estrogen and normal fluctuation that occurs over a woman's 28-day cycle causes an amplification in cortisol production that can lead to significant fatigue/tiredness/cognitive impairment. (Conversely, testosterone has a dampening effect on cortisol.) While the production of cortisol is an adaptive response to managing stress, both low and high levels are associated with a variety of chronic symptoms, which is dominated by fatigue and feelings of stress.
So what does this result in?
● Women report fatigue 2x as often as men
● Stress levels are 50% higher than men
● Women are 2x as likely to suffer from anxiety disorders and depression
● 67% of women report poor sleep.

This project aims to determine if there is basis for managing the response and regulation of the HPA axis, addressing chronic fatigue and stress among women.
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Despite its advantaged position, the state is in constant competition with other US states, and other countries that aim to replicate the success of its ecosystem, and overtake it. Competitors such as China, EU, California and Texas lead the way in the effort to unseat Massachusetts from its leadership position

How is Mass. performing as a biotech and LS cluster against key state and country competitors?

What can be done to strengthen Mass. Positioning across the ecosystem, and drive further growth?
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