Dr Bart Ripperger
Dr Bart Ripperger

Business Development/Strategic Alliance Executive/ Medical Data/HEOR Healthcare Outcomes

Phoenix, Arizona Area

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Business Development/Strategic Alliance Executive/ Medica Data/HEOR, PMS, RWE ,safety/PV and Healthcare Outcomes.

Starwriter assists researchers, HEOR, PMS, RWE, safety/PV, Medical Affairs, medical data scientists/ analysts, pharmaceutical and medical device companies to obtain standardized and structured medical data with all variables accounted for, more efficiently, by simplifying and automating real-time collection and evaluation of data. Starwriter's highest quality data proves economic and clinical outcomes, efficacy, value and safety of a company's products ( including automation of real-time adverse event reporting to your company), using the Starwriter Patented process !.

With Starwriter, I am currently building and leveraging relationships with universities, medical research companies, HEOR, PMS, RWE,, MA, safety/PV teams, pharmaceutical and medical device companies as well as many others, to demonstrate and confirm high quality, standardized, structured, granular medical data collected using the Starwriter Patented process, proves efficacy, value and safety of Pharmaceutical and medical device companys' products !
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VP Business Development/Strategic Alliance HEOR Healthcare Outcomes

Starwriter Medical Data/ DOX EMR

June 2013 - Present

Starwriter simplifies collection, utilization and evaluation of medical data. Through detailed evaluation of the data Starwriter provides, a greater understanding of the safety, efficacy and economic benefit of medical treatments (both surgical and pharmaceutical) can be determined for the benefit of patients, healthcare providers, researchers, pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Additionally, the Starwriter patented data collection process allows review of millions of data points to obtain a deeper grasp and quantify outcomes and statistical significance of both pharmaceutical and surgical treatments. This furthers healthcare providers’ ability to practice evidence based medicine/ best practices, so we can enhance the lives of patients. Emerging as a leader in the field of medical data and HEOR, Starwriter has developed and provided our mechanism to improve data collection and analysis efficiency, resulting in more robust, statistically significant outcome studies for our customers and partners.

My previous experience with DOX EMR in the areas of sales, demonstrations, end user training, data base content management, medical research, data usage, outcome studies division/ HEOR and applications all enhance and further the New Business Development process for Starwriter.