Edna Cuaresma, MD, LlB

Edna Cuaresma, MD, LlB

Associate Professor at Saint James School of Medicine

Joined 06/10/2017. Invited by
Melvin Golosinda Medes


A Family Physician and Anti-aging Medicine practitioner as well as academician
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Professor,, Pre-Clinical Divisional Head at Medical School
Associate Professor, Head of Pre-Clinical Department at Texila American University Consortium
Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs at Texila American University Consortium
Associate Professor at Saint James School of Medicine
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Government - Sensing Trends and Disruptions Impacting the Government Workforce
We're assembling an online advisory panel to explore the trends and disruptions impacting the Government workforce. We'll discuss the technological, social, economic, demographic, environmental, and geopolitical shifts that are shaping the future workforce landscape within the Government & Public sector.
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The Future of Patient Engagement in a Digital World
As more and more industries go through digital transformations, we are looking to explore how the healthcare and patient experience are evolving specifically from payer and patient interactions. We want to discuss the challenges leaders are currently facing and envision the solutions of the future to meet existing and emerging needs.
Latest Trends & Innovations for Treating Heart Failure
We are looking to discover how to best market a heart failure device to heart failure specialists. We are interested in the challenges these physicians incur as well as how to market - messaging for our marketing and sales teams.
Health - Sensing Trends and Disruptions Impacting the Health Workforce
We're assembling an online advisory panel to explore the workforce disruptions impacting the healthcare, life sciences, and wellness industries. Specifically, we'll discuss the technological, social, economic, demographic, environmental, and geopolitical shifts that are shaping the landscape of the healthcare and life sciences workforce and envision what the future holds for the industry.

In this exclusive online panel of 15-20 experts, you'll have the opportunity to learn collaboratively and advance innovation in this field. All engagement is online and at your convenience.
Business In A Remote World
A curation on ways to navigate your business and support customers and employees in a remote world. From transitioning to a remote business model, to supporting and protecting employees, and providing customers with amazing remote experiences.

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The Global Work-from-Home Experience: Trends, Tools and Best Practices
Industries and markets are rapidly changing, and companies and people have to adjust to a new norm quickly. Businesses of all types and sizes are forced to find new ways of digital collaboration, virtual engagement and remote leadership. This SmartGroup™ of thought leaders is dedicated to exploring and understanding the biggest trends, latest tools and best practices of how to stay connected and remain successful while working from home in the weeks and months ahead. Our goal is to define and develop an advanced Remote-Working-Solutions Toolkit for companies. SmartGroup™ members nominate and vote on future topics to explore as the platform curates’ monthly reports that develop the reputation of its contributors and enable other professionals to stay relevant on the topic.
Diversity and Inclusion in an Uncertain World
Inclusion in an Uncertain World
The Future of Safety Management in Healthcare
One of healthcare’s most extraordinary feats is keeping people safe and campuses secure, however, with sudden shocks to the systems, such as coronavirus, systems need to take both reactive and proactive approaches. In the context of broader safety management, we'll explore a range of subjects, such as infection control (coronavirus), patient safety, cybersecurity, resiliency, electrical shock protection, security, and beyond.
The Future of Utilization Management Programs
We are trying to understand how medical providers think about Utilization Management. How do prior authorizations, intake, and appeals affect their practices? What are their thoughts on making the experience better?
The Future of Plant-Based Milk Drinks within the Philippines
As more consumers gravitate towards healthy alternatives to milk, we'll discuss a range of current & emerging trends impacting plant-based milk market in the Philippines, such as Health & Wellness, Cultural & Consumer Attitudes, Nutrition, Creative Packaging, Ready-To-Drink (RTD), and Plant-Based Options (e.g. Oat Milk, Soy Milk, Coconut Milk, Almond Milk, Rice Milk, Bubble Tea, etc.)
Technology's Impact on the Future of Higher Education
One of the biggest issues facing High Education institutions in the United States is an inability to facilitate distance learning. Up to 95% of students' applications are not getting reviewed because of Universities inability to support distance learning.

I want to discuss how the exponential increase in technology we are experiencing now can help universities expand their capabilities to accept more distance learners and provide a better "classroom" experience for these students.

Some technologies that could specifically be discussed are: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, 5G, and smart technology that is being more utilized in businesses and offices.
Estrogen's Impact on Cortisol Production
There has been a significant up-tick in scientific publications regarding gender differences in the response and regulation of the hypothalamus/pituitary/adrenal (HPA) axis. In women, the presence of estrogen and normal fluctuation that occurs over a woman's 28-day cycle causes an amplification in cortisol production that can lead to significant fatigue/tiredness/cognitive impairment. (Conversely, testosterone has a dampening effect on cortisol.) While the production of cortisol is an adaptive response to managing stress, both low and high levels are associated with a variety of chronic symptoms, which is dominated by fatigue and feelings of stress.
So what does this result in?
● Women report fatigue 2x as often as men
● Stress levels are 50% higher than men
● Women are 2x as likely to suffer from anxiety disorders and depression
● 67% of women report poor sleep.

This project aims to determine if there is basis for managing the response and regulation of the HPA axis, addressing chronic fatigue and stress among women.
Hydration Solutions for the Aging Population
Hydration Solutions for the Aging Population

A clear trend is emerging in "senior tech". While 10,000 adults turn 65 each day and want to age at home, almost all the innovation in the space is designed for and targeted towards institutional care. Consequently, most aging adults and their caregiving ecosystems remain significantly underserved, creating a unique opportunity to build solutions around the many struggling moments faced in the in-home context. The opportunity we'd like to explore is the detection and management of hydration in aging people.

Overall, we are looking for disruptive solutions that solve hard problems in a dignified way in the area of Activities of Daily Living that address some of the biggest threats to being able to age and thrive at home.

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