David Krantz, EIT, LEED AP

David Krantz, EIT, LEED AP

Mechanical Engineer and Nuclear Janitor by Day... Vigilante Blogger by Night... How May I Help You?

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Rough n' Tumble Dad Blogger at Rough n' Tumble Dad

Area Engineer at Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS)

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Has your production line shutdown? Is your project behind or getting buried under higher priorities?

Has your nuclear plant scrammed? Are you suffering from lost equipment reliability or systemic failures?

Has your submarine had a plant casualty at test depth or your fire team under attack while on night patrol?

Well... for the last question please contact your boat's on watch and casualty assistance teams or your Navy SEAL/Marine Infantry support depending on your strategic/tactical situation.

As for the other questions, these are the environments in which I have found myself since busting my knuckles on machinery while hanging upside down on a submarine in the Navy. The plant was the best indicator of our success. As long as the plant made the submarine go faster when torpedoes were in the water and we made it back to tell the tale, we must have been doing something right. If the teams (especially my watch team) did not respond as required to the needs of the boat and the casualty in progress, I took that as my fault.

Since leaving the USS La Jolla, the Navy provided the means for me to complete a college degree in mechanical engineering. Concurrently (as shown in my job history), I was working in the semiconductor industry.

Being from the Nuclear Navy, I now have in depth experience not only in the operation and maintenance of turbines, valves, heat exchanges, chillers, boilers, HVAC, and complex system operations and reactions, I understood the theory of design behind them as well.

Do you need help?

Stop making me salivate here!

Allow me to find, quantify, and isolate your problem. I will give you options and recommendations. Let me lead you from the bottom by providing a "boots in the field" perspective, work with YOUR team, and recommend how to prioritize and execute solutions.

Let us systematically destroy any systematic failures you are experiencing!

How may I help you?


Rough n' Tumble Dad Blogger

Rough n' Tumble Dad

March 2018 - Present

Can you believe it? They will let anyone buy a site and do whatever they want with it!

So here is where I start blogging and begging for everyone to at least come look at my site and...

Well the truth is I am still working on learning WordPress and all the things that go into making a blog. I have made my first couple of posts and I hope you stop by and take a look.

As you can talk about from the title it is mostly about being a dad. The plan is to share ways in how to deal with physical, emotional, spiritual, and a few other "al" challenges that dads face. I am drawing parallels between being a former nuclear submariner, mechanical engineer, martial artist, and a few other pigeon holes I found experience.

Forgive the electrons as I throw them around shuffling the visual display around.

Check out the beginnings of my writing at

Area Engineer

Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS)

October 2017 - Present

There is so much to do! Millions of gallons of waste which was produced in order to build nuclear weapons is a thin shell of a tank away from getting into the environment. The effort to move all this to a safer condition is MASSIVE.

There are years of work ahead of us.

I completed my qualifications as an Engineering Technical Staff. This has allowed me to author Engineering Change Notices, complete screens for ignition sources, and answer technical questions from the craft and planning.

I have suited up and put on the self contained breathing apparatus in order to complete tours of the Tank Farms. These tours ensure that the equipment loaded on top of these underground tanks stay within acceptable weight limits.

There is some insanely toxic mixtures here. One tank is hot so hot both radiologically and thermally. The craft tell me that there is never any snow that stays on top of this one tank through the winters.

I love the people here! Every day someone makes me feel like a rock star and that they welcome my help.

Maybe we can finish cleaning up this mess in our lifetime!


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