Richard Bohannon

Richard Bohannon

Principal of Physical Therapy Consultants

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Specialties: Board Certified in Neurologic Physical Therapy
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Professor at Campbell University
Owner at Physical Therapy Consultants
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Developing the Life Sciences Ecosystem of the Future
Massachusetts boasts one of the world’s leading life sciences cluster relying on a tight-knit ecosystem of academia, manufacturers, providers, and supporting organizations

Despite its advantaged position, the state is in constant competition with other US states, and other countries that aim to replicate the success of its ecosystem, and overtake it. Competitors such as China, EU, California and Texas lead the way in the effort to unseat Massachusetts from its leadership position

How is Mass. performing as a biotech and LS cluster against key state and country competitors?

What can be done to strengthen Mass. Positioning across the ecosystem, and drive further growth?
Exploring Strength and Stability Enhancements for the Elderly
Exploring Strength and Stability Enhancement for the Elderly. Looking to understand the scientific landscape and opportunities for helping seniors improve strength, balance and agility from an OTC product perspective.
The Future of Caregiving for Elderly Adults
Care-giving of the elderly is an enormous (and growing!) space spanning the spectrum from self-care at home to home healthcare, nursing care, assisted living, and hospice care. What are the critical macro factors that will drive this category? From the perspective of both the care-giver and the care-receiver, what are some of the big needs that are not being met currently? Which aspects of the current ecosystem (products and services) are ripe for disruption? Who are some of the key companies that are "seeing the future" and on the leading edge? The goal is to get to some "surprisingly obvious but unexplored" areas of caregiving.

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