Rafael J. Grossmann, MD, FACS
Rafael J. Grossmann, MD, FACS

Surgeon/Speaker/TEDx/Exponential Med Faculty/1st GoogleGlass Surgeon

Bangor, Maine Area

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Level: LEVEL 01

12 month points: 15 ptsView details

Lifetime points: 22 pts



Healthcare Futurist & Innovator, and Full-time, General,Trauma, Acute Care, Advanced Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgeon.

My focus and passion is in the convergence of Innovation-Tech, Futurism & Healthcare Social Media (HCSM) to disrupt & improve Healthcare delivery & MedEd.

I performed the 1st ever documented surgery with GoogleGlass on June, 20, '13

"I firmly believe that telemedicine, m-Health technology & Healthcare Social media will, very soon,completely redefine the way in which healthcare is delivered and learned.
Innovation in the application of exponential technologies in Remote Presence, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning Systems to provide medical care, will cause a complete disruption of paradigms and allow for a better system".

"I think that the Smart-Glass, Virtual & Augmented & Mixed Reality(VR, AR, MR) represent the natural evolution of the Human-Computer interface. The future potential of this devices in Healthcare and medical education is limited only by our imagination".

I've had the honor to be a 4-times TEDx speaker and became a Singularity Univ-FutureMed-Exponential Medicine Alumnus in 02/2013 & Faculty in '15.
As a Healthcare FUTURIST, GOOGLEGLASS Explorer & SURGEON, I share my expertise, as a KEYNOTE SPEAKER, communicator, teacher & CONSULTANT, providing a vision for the potential of Technology to disrupt Healthcare, especially as it relates to Smart/ Glass & wearable platforms.

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LECTURER: TEDxDirigo '11 & '13,TEDxBermuda '13,TEDxYouth'14,FEI '13,ATA'12/ Games for Health Europe "13/Samsung Advanced Institute of Tech-'13, Smartmobile '14-Hungary, Hungary Young Surgeons '14, Google Glass Developments for Medicine '14 (GOOGLE Boston HQ-MIT), Doctors2.0-Paris '14, HIMSSAP14 Keynote-Singapore, EO Nepal, Dubai STEP'15,Dubai DHL2015, HIMSS Riyadh-SA, Exponential Medicine '15 & ‘17

Opinions are my Own



Singularity University

October 2015 - Present

A Healthcare Innovator and alumnus of Singularity University/Exponential Medicine 2013 (FutureMed 2013), I now have the honor of being part of the group of faculty speakers, to share my impressions, experience and insights on the future of medicine and medical education



March 2004 - Present

General, Acute Care, Trauma and Advanced Laparoscopic & Robotic surgeon

Telemedicine, mHealth and Healthcare Social Media innovator
General and Trauma surgery
Acute Care Surgery
Advanced Laparoscopic & Robotic Assisted surgery

Assistant Clinical Professor

University of Vermont

June 2012 - Present

Teaching staff/ Clinical Instructor : UVM 3rd and 4th year Medical School Surgery clerkships

Clinical Assistant Professor

University of New England

April 2004 - Present

Teaching staff/ Clinical Instructor : 3rd and 4th year Medical School Surgery clerkships