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Ricercatore at The Institute of Cancer Research
Vice-President European Project Manager at Associazione Agapè onlus
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The Future Treatments of Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis
Identify the key steps in the journey of an RRMS patient from symptoms, to diagnosis through to ongoing treatment and potentially disease progression to secondary progressive MS
Exploring Solutions to Obesity Prevention
Obesity Prevention
Solving the Worldwide Obesity Epidemic
Obseity is global epidemic that is not showing signs of slowing down. How do we solve this issue? Does it come down to educating the mothers or the children? Is the solution a change of culture or changing the habits of individuals? What role do food companies play? Do they share the blame with their use of antibiotics and offering of processed foods?
Exploring Treatment Options for Hip Retroversion in Young Adults
Potential treatment options for hip retroversion in young adults and teens.
Future of Research
Future of Research.
In a fast moving world, companies need research faster and more economically delivered answering an ever diverse set of questions. People and practices are expected to keep up with this.
Needs- Trends – What are the changing research needs companies have. How are time frames and expectations changing.
Alternatives – Solutions – Is greater access to online experts and online focus groups replacing lots of traditional research.
Benefits – Ideal solutions – Can more technology big data and AI replace lots of traditional research
Recommendations. – Actionable outcomes – What are you seeing succeed in the research field and what recommendations would you have for others?
Improving the Design and Utilization of TENS Waveforms
Can a unique TENS waveform be designed to deliver better efficacy for menstrual cramp relief versus another waveform? Said more broadly, can unique TENS waveforms be designed for specific types of pain which the user will perceive as noticeably better?
Exploring the Challenges Surrounding Computational and Data Processing in Genomics
What are the key computational or data processing problems in the field of genomics today?
The Future of Epigenetic Medicine in Healthcare
The future of epigenetic medicine in healthcare.
Seeking to explore the future of epigenetic medicine in healthcare. With the acceleration of connected health devices, AI, machine learning, and rich patient data, we want to understand the future of proactive management of gene expression -- 5, 10, to 15 years out.
Exploring Regulatory Trends Around Natural Products
future trends in government and retailer regulations around "natural" products
Exploring Conjugation of Molecular Structures
How is the binding affinity affected by changing its molecular structure?
The Future of Personalized Medicine in Life Sciences & Healthcare
Life Sciences Topic #1: The Future of Personalized Medicine in Life Sciences & Healthcare

Topic Description: Impact of Personalized Medicine within the Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry

- Example Question: How can the ecosystem players reduce cost associated with the development and delivery of personalized medicine?

- Specifically around the supply chain function?
The Future of Procedure Packs in Europe
Our primary objectives would include:
 Understand size, market share, growth of Procedure Packs for EMEA & focus countries
 Understand procedural penetration of Procedure Packs and trajectory by specialty
 Understand competitive landscape (Areas of focus, strategy etc.)
Our secondary objectives include:
 Understand trends impacting the market
 Map out distinctions between markets, specialties as much as possible with regard to Procedure
 Assess the relevance of offering Standard Procedure Packs, expanding the portfolio to WC,
Biosurgery etc.

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