Mark JS Miller


Mark JS Miller

Principal, Kaiviti Consulting, LLC at Kaiviti Consulting, LLC

Joined 05/31/2017


I bring the work ethic of an immigrant, the vision of an elite researcher, the savvy of a consumer-centric marketer, the experience of an entrepreneur, and the passion of that young boy who asked the question - WHY - and when he was told it cannot be done, to take that as a challenge to find a way to make it happen.

As VP at AdvoCare, contributed to the growth from a small, stagnant company to market dominator in the USA.
Launched >100 products. In 5 years
Revenues increased from $80M in 2008 to $650M in 2013 (> 8 fold)
“Diamond Distributors” (FTC income >$630K) increased from 7 to 123 (>17 fold)
The number of distributorships increased from 55,000 to over 500,000 (> 9 fold)

A PhD, MBA with well defined excellence in both science and business, I bring rare skills and experience to the table. Specialties: Natural Products, drug discovery, Mass Markets to Direct Sales, biomedical research, management (Start Ups to Established), dietary supplements & functional foods, Leadership, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Trials.

Refined the joint health supplement industry: first with a "results in 7 days claim" that was reviewed & approved. Created educational videos for consumer engagement.

• Professor at 3 US Medical Schools
• Skilled in both basic and clinical sciences
• Research interests are wide & varied
• Well published researcher (>100 scientific publications)
• Editor & Editorial Board member of >45 scientific journals

Elected as a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition (FACN) in 2009. Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS)

Top 2% of research scientists according to Research Gate

• Drug discovery for a major Swiss Pharmaceutical firm
• President & CEO of several successful start-up companies
• Consultant for many biotechnology, pharmaceutical and natural products companies
• Consultant for >14 government agencies including various NIH Institutes and World Bank
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Principal at Kaiviti Consulting, LLC
CSO & VP of Marketing at Healthy Directions
CSO, VP of R&D at AdvoCare
Chief Science Officer at Luminy Bioscience
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