Judith Coulson-Geissmann

Judith Coulson-Geissmann

CEO, Speaker, Workshop Leader - Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist®, Chronic Disease, Lifestyle & Nutrition Coach at Coulson Holding Co. Ltd (Corporate Wellness Asia & Lifestyle Food Clinic)

Joined 07/28/2017



- Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist
- Certified Corporate Nutrition Professional
- Nutrition for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, University of California, San Francisco
- Human Physiology, Duke University
- Economic Issues, Food & You, University of Florida
- Diabetes: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Opportunities, University of California, San Francisco
- Principles of Obesity Economics, Johns Hopkins University
- Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle: Issues and Insights, Vanderbilt University
- Fitness Instructor SAFS
- Nutrition Coach SAFS
- Learning Therapist BWI
- Thai Traditional Medicine Therapist WAT PHO
- Power Plate Instructor
- BNI Director Training
- BNI MSP Trainer
- Business Administration
- Hospitality Administration

Did you know that a chronic sick or obese employee costs a company up to 42% more in direct and indirect costs than a healthy employee?
And did you know that in middle and low income countries every 5th person is catching a chronic disease and is overweight?
Chronic disease and obesity are the main cause of work disability below the age of 60 and premature death, what is costing individuals, corporate and economy a fortune and the costs are increasing year by year.

Today, more than 95% of all chronic disease are caused by food and lifestyle choices including toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies, smoking and lack of physical exercise.
Research shows that 33% of all cancer cases, the nr. 1 cause of death in most countries, could be prevented by changing and adjusting eating and exercise habits.

Specialties: Medical & Lifestyle Food Consulting, Nutrition for Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Nutrition Consulting for Parents, Executives, Hotels, Schools, Corporate, Nutrition as medicine, Brain food
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Executive Director/Master Coach/Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist at Coulson Holding Co. Ltd (Corporate Wellness Asia & Lifestyle Food Clinic)
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