John van der Linden

John van der Linden

Independent Senior Innovation Consultant, building on 29 years at Procter & Gamble as Global Open Innovation Manager. at Becoming-Aware

Joined 06/25/2017


Co-founder of Becoming-Aware, with the mission of Improving the strategic Innovation output of our customers as well helping people to get more out of their life - via a higher awareness.

During my 28+ years’ in Research & Development at Procter & Gamble, I covered a very wide range of assignments (global locations, categories and functions). All this has resulted in a proven ability to understand and improve the value generation of innovation and brand building, which John now brings to his company “Becoming aware” to help others improve their strategic innovation output.

More than ever, Product & Brand Innovation are KEY to allow for the development of successful business models and product exploitation. This flowing from frequent strategy adjustment to remain relevant with newly generated consumer insights.

Beyond being an Innovation Practitioner, John is a recognized inspirational speaker in the areas of (Open) Innovation, Succeeding in China (Leveraging cultural diversity) and Work/Life/Career coaching. The latter builds on my experience within P&G as a promotion from within company, where strong coaching, training and organizational development roles were equally key to building the business. Especially in China, employee development was a large part of my leadership role; skill development, training, mentoring and driving an open (essential for innovation) culture. Hence I have a proven ability to leverage cultural diversity to drive innovation boundaries and create best in class innovation.

On and away from work, I live the spirit of “a healthy mind needing a healthy body” always being eager to learn or experience something new to continue my journey of self-development.
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Global Open Innovation Manager at Procter & Gamble
Inspirational speaker ( at Becoming-Aware
Senior Consultant (Innovation & Organizational Development) & Key note speaker at Becoming-Aware
Innovation "eco-system" development consultant at Workero
Co-Founder at Cepphar - AcSEAlerator
Maître d’enseignement, Thesis assessor & Guest Lecturer on Innovation at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (SBS-EM) - ULB
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