Dror Tamir

Dror Tamir

Co-Founder & CEO at Hargol FoodTech Serial entrepreneur for food and healthy eating at Hargol FoodTech

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Dror Tamir is serial food and nutrition entrepreneur with a successful exit under his belt.
His passion is improving the health of children and families through better nutrition.

Dror has held varied positions within several Israeli and international companies over the last 24 years, after a career at the Israeli Navy Budget Department.

Dror is a 10 times international innovation award winner!

Dror is the CEO & co-founder at Hargol FoodTech, a startup company, dedicated to the development and production of alternative protein ingredient from edible grasshoppers (edible insects, entomophagy). Dror is the CEO & founder at Plate my Meal, a startup company, dedicated to the development, production and marketing of simple-to-use healthy eating tools being sold in Israel and USA (obesity prevention). Dror was the Co-founder and manager at Cooking with Tami, a company dedicated to cooking workshops for young kids to educate them to healthy cooking and eating.
Dror began his civilian professional career as Head of Strategic Planning – Cellcom Israel Ltd., Israel’s leading mobile operator.

Dror holds a BA in Accounting and Economics from Tel Aviv University (TAU).

Dror is former professional athlete, member of the national team and holding the Israeli youth national 4X800 meter record. He is also a marathon runner and first time Boston Marathon qualifier.

Dror is a board member of Israel’s Manufacturers Association’s Next Generation.
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Co-Founder & CEO at Hargol FoodTech Ltd (Formerly known as Steak TzarTzar)
Founder, CEO and Business Development at Plate my Meal Ltd
Board Member of The Association of Building Materials and Consumer Goods Industries at Manufacturers Association of Israel (MAI)
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People, Planet, Profit
This Currnt is a curation on how to enable growth through sustainability and philanthropy, help to achieve the sustainability goals, and collaborate through partnerships.

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The Future of Digital Farming
We want to explore the future of digital farming. As farmers/growers aim to increase their bottom line, we will discuss a range of current and emerging trends impacting the future of digital farming, including, sensors, climate monitoring, pest control, irrigation/water management, plant/soil health and beyond.

Ultimately, our goal is to (1.) establish a thought-leadership position in digital farming and (2.) develop re-occurring services platform (e.g. value added services, consulting, etc.).
Future of Crop Farming Sustainability & Agronomy
We are looking to learn about the thoughts, views, opinions, challenges, and successes that Corn Farmers face on a daily basis when it comes to Sustainability.
The Future of Ethics & Corporate Sustainability in Retail
Infusing ethics within a retail company's core
Exploring Regulatory Trends Around Natural Products
future trends in government and retailer regulations around "natural" products
The Future Enabled by Consumer-driven "Electronic Life Records"
Seeking to envision a future enabled by a consumer-driven Electronic Life Record. We are seeking to bring top expert perspectives to envision a broader supporting ecosystem of companies and smart cities tap personalized health scores to influence consumer behavior towards healthy sustainable living.
Exploring How Millennial Moms Think About Natural Products
How millennial moms think about natural products in several categories
Exploring the Ecosystem Surrounding Lifestyle Performance Management
how different industries play a role and approach developing unique solutions in personal performance management (both healthy lifestyles and "In-the-moment" enhancements perspectives).

Priority - Personal Performance Management
1) In the moment Personal performance management - Enhancements
2) Healthy Life Style (Microbiome, Gut Health, Habit Change Around Food, etc.)
Need to identify differentiator
How to's
Proactive Behaviors in Personal Health & Wellbeing
Focus on Innovation to enable positive behavior in personal health
Health and wellbeing (Self/Others[])
Most motivated on personal
Understand personal change
The innovations and the hows that help people move from reactive to proactive
Habit formation - Adoption of new behavior, how to maintain the behavior
Exploring Behavior Changes Toward Sustainable Nutrition
How can we (food industry) act to speed up consumers’ switches towards diets with less meat and more plant-based proteins?

1) Is there a way to create a movement that goes beyond hipsters / trend followers or
even vegans/vegetarians into something that impacts a wide number of people – e.g.
at lower middle class or mainstream consumer?
2) What can industry do to create a greater demand for sustainable nutrition food
products – for instance that facilitate the consumption of meals with less/no meat
that are found in ‘ordinary’ supermarkets, that are regularly eaten and not only for
niche, special, premium, once-off products?
3) What kind of benefits can be used to motivate consumers to make switches to more
sustainable nutrition, e.g. more plant-based eating, or meat alternatives or reduced
amount of meat? We are interested in benefits that are technically feasible and have
minimum impact on profitability.
4) How important is it to communicate environment, social or health benefits to
motivate consumers to move to more sustainable diets, such as more plant-based
products or less/no meat?
5) What role can social media play to support this switch and how can the industry use
this in a credible and motivating way?What kind of partnerships with the industry will
help drive consumer change towards sustainable nutrition, such as more plant-based
Opportunities in Sustainable Nutrition
1. Gut microbiome: practical applications and opportunities beyond existing products.
2. Do consumers understand sustainable nutrition concept and will this influence what and how they eat
3. Future of fermentation and fermented foods

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