Dror Tamir
Co-Founder & CEO at Hargol FoodTech Serial entrepreneur for food and healthy eating

Location: Israel

Awards earned:





Level: LEVEL 03

12 month points: 980 pts

Total points: 1090 pts

  • Focus: Contributions are valued by peers
  • Accountability: Thoroughly contributes in all areas
  • Sense of Urgency: Consistently responds in a timely fashion
  • Team: Frequently supports and responds to peers
Insects 74
Marketing 25
Nutrition 15
Research 15
Insect 12
Strategy 5
Pricing 4


Dror Tamir is serial food and nutrition entrepreneur with a successful exit under his belt.
His passion is improving the health of children and families through better nutrition.

Dror has held varied positions within several Israeli and international companies over the last 24 years, after a career at the Israeli Navy Budget Department.

Dror is a 10 times international innovation award winner!

Dror is the CEO & co-founder at Hargol FoodTech, a startup company, dedicated to the development and production of alternative protein ingredient from edible grasshoppers (edible insects, entomophagy). Dror is the CEO & founder at Plate my Meal, a startup company, dedicated to the development, production and marketing of simple-to-use healthy eating tools being sold in Israel and USA (obesity prevention). Dror was the Co-founder and manager at Cooking with Tami, a company dedicated to cooking workshops for young kids to educate them to healthy cooking and eating.
Dror began his civilian professional career as Head of Strategic Planning – Cellcom Israel Ltd., Israel’s leading mobile operator.

Dror holds a BA in Accounting and Economics from Tel Aviv University (TAU).

Dror is former professional athlete, member of the national team and holding the Israeli youth national 4X800 meter record. He is also a marathon runner and first time Boston Marathon qualifier.

Dror is a board member of Israel’s Manufacturers Association’s Next Generation.


Co-Founder & CEO

Hargol FoodTech Ltd (Formerly known as Steak TzarTzar)

January 2014 - Present

Hargol FoodTech is the world's first commercial grasshopper farm!
Grasshoppers are nature's most efficient protein source!

The company develop methods and technologies to deliver a healthier and more sustainable protein source.

For more information contact:

Founder, CEO and Business Development

Plate my Meal Ltd

July 2010 - Present

Plate my Meal is the world's most simple tool to plan healthy meals.
We assist parents and children plan healthier meals and improve their eating habits.

Plate my Meal concept and products are backed by clinical trials proving it has significant impact on children's eating habits!

For more information contact:
Mobile: +972-52-8907856

Board Member of The Association of Building Materials and Consumer Goods Industries

Manufacturers Association of Israel (MAI)

December 2016 - Present

  • Participated on a KnowledgeStream™ on

    Performance Management
    Performance Improvement
    Ecosystem Development
    Product Development
    Life Style Management
    Lifestyle Management
    Lifestyle Brands

  • Participated on a KnowledgeStream™ on

    Sustainable Nutrition
    Plant-based nutrition
    Food & Beverage
    Holistic Health
    Food Technology
    Behavior Change
    Behavior Change Communication

  • Participated on a Sprint: "The Future Enabled by Consumer-driven "Electronic Life Records" "