Carsten Krause
Carsten Krause

Chief Information Security Officer and Global VP Infrastructure Operations & Enterprise Architecture at ModusLink

Greater Boston Area

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Level: LEVEL 02

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Lifetime points: 319 pts

Business Intelligence 8
Integration 8
Strategy 8
Enterprise Architecture 8
Information Technology 8
Solution Architecture 1
Consulting 1
Leadership 1
Business Process
Enterprise Software
Business Transformation
Product Management
IT Strategy
SAP Netweaver
Software Development
Cross-functional Team Leadership
Project Management
Process Improvement
Program Management
Change Management
SAP Implementation
Vendor Management
Cloud Computing
Agile Methodologies
Business Process Improvement
Business Analysis
Project Implementation
Requirements Analysis
Software Project Management
Professional Services
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Management Consulting
Business Development



As a strategic and tactical leader for global enterprise, multibillion-dollar IT operations I have a track record of 18+ years leading global software development, architecture teams, deploying enterprise application solutions, building long term IT architecture roadmaps and implementing global IT solutions.

I excel at developing digital transformation, mobile platforms, big data and cloud based solutions and enterprise integration architecture designs leveraging automation, artificial intelligence and supply blockchain.

As a high performer, I developed long term business architecture that dramatically improved efficiency, productivity, scalability and profitability with a demonstrated ability of blueprinting, orchestrating, migrating, integrating, and upgrading applications and infrastructure to a state-of-the-art application portfolio for Fortune 500 companies.

Global delivery of architecture strategies for C-level client engagements with focus on core business competencies with architecture review for proposed technology alternatives is what I do leading clients and project teams from organizational assessment to vendor negotiations, business case development, budget and resource planning through cutover.

My dynamic project architecture implementation approach to lead large-scale projects, cross-functional project teams, providing tactical and technical guidance during realization while coordinating efforts helps me to produce on-time and on-budget solution and architecture delivery.

I excel at leading agile design thinking workshops and applying agile and DevOps approaches.

As a strategic planner and enterprise roadmap expert I deliver global process transformation for Fortune 500 companies resulting in significant cost reduction, system landscape simplification & topline growth.

I am a team builder, leader and motivator with a vendor optimization and solution delivery record for 10B+ companies overseeing large CAPEX and OPEX budgets.


Chief Information Security Officer & Global Vice President, Enterprise Architecture


November 1999 - Present

I am driving the business transformation of Moduslink services enabled by agile, flexible technologies working hand in hand with leaders at the highest level of the organization and managing a team of professionals being accountable for the design and delivery of all information technology services. I am tasked to orchestrate short- and long-term IT vision and strategic plans based on ModusLink business strategies, goals, plans, market opportunities and operating requirements

- Award winning integration of Microsoft and SAP ERP, BI and HANA technologies self service business intelligence in a global rollout to Moduslink clients.
- Spearheading the selection and modernization of our sales, marketing and service capabilities with and leading blockchain for supply chain and advanced supply chain analytics and optimization initiatives
- Driving business growth and customer/client satisfaction and loyalty through digital programs tied to business initiatives
- Establishing a governance structure that aligns IT initiatives with business priorities while balancing resource constraints and optimizing IT investments
- Keeping abreast on technological developments as relevant to ModusLink and executing pilots and minimum viable products to proving out emerging technology
- Ensuring current and future IT Architecture and processes meets key compliance requirements from SOX, PCI, GDPR and other relevant industry standards
- Led General European Data Regulation (GDPR) implementation involving cross-departmental teams of business and IT stakeholders, updating our policies & websites, classifying our data and keeping privacy data secure no matter what country the data stems from.
- Keeping abreast of security and compliance issues and running the operation, administration and maintenance of ModusLink's security and networking infrastructure, including development of Security, Privacy, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans.

Chief Executive Officer

CKC Digital

December 2014 - Present

►Advisory board & board of director services
►Digital platforms, enterprise architecture, cloud integration & big data business intelligence

Advisory Board Member - Disruptive Trends & Blockchain


April 2018 - Present

Advisory Board - Disruptive Trends Impacting C-Level Leaders of Public & Private Companies:
To understand business leaders' needs and preferences for insights into trends and topics that will impact them in their role, company, and industry.

Advisory Board - The Future of Blockchain in Retail & CPG Supply Chains:
To understand the future use cases of Blockchain in Retail and CPG Supply chains

Chief Information Security Officer and Global VP Infrastructure Operations & Enterprise Architecture


July 2018 - Present

I have the opportunity to align ModusLink's enterprise architecture with our global infrastructure and cybersecurity capabilities focused on delivering safe, modern, scalable solutions in the cloud and hybrid for reliable services for both internal and external clients.

The solution that my team oversees spans from backend capabilities to front end user experience supported by capable monitoring platforms, SD WAN networks and cybersecurity by design.

In this dual role I am also spearheading globally developing new capabilities for our clients supported by Blockchain technology, Internet of Things and advanced analytics capabilities.

Our internal capabilities are enhanced through advanced automation and smart bot technology so we have more time to focus on our clients needs.

  • Jul 2018 - Sep 2018

    Participated in a KnowledgeStream™: "Business Leadership in an Era of Rapid Technology Disruption "

    Audit Committee
    Audit Techniques and Audit Tools
    Technology Disruptor
    Financial Reporting
    Audit Management
    Blockchain Technology
    Artificial Intelligence
    Audit Analytics
  • 15 Aug 2018

    Answered a question on OpenForum: "Internal friction due to cloud transformation"

  • Apr 2018 - Jul 2018

    Participated in a KnowledgeStream™: "Disruptive Trends Impacting C-Level Leaders of Public & Private Companies"

    C-Level Relationships
    C-Level Executive Support
    C-Level Communications
    Board of Directors
    Board Governance
    Board of Directors Management
    Board of Directors Leadership
  • 02 Aug 2017

    Answered a question on OpenForum: "Integrating voice control into IoT and connected devices - what are the main challenges?"