Andrew Greess Pest Control Equipment Expert

Andrew Greess Pest Control Equipment Expert

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Our goal is to help our customers, pest control & landscape firms, be productive and profitable. We believe that the right spray equipment, properly designed, selected & installed, can significantly add to your company’s bottom line. Conversely, the wrong equipment, at any price, means wasted time, wasted chemical, missed jobs, more downtime & excessive repair costs.

We spend a lot more time thinking about pest control (& landscape) spray equipment than anyone else. For example, what will it be like to perform maintenance on this equipment, can you do the maintenance in-house, are replacement parts readily available, are the parts that require maintenance readily available? Questions like these are often overlooked until a pest control power sprayer or other piece of equipment needs maintenance.

As nationally published author of the industry-leading “Stop Spraying Money Down the Drain”, I write on spray equipment topics to help you think of potential problems BEFORE they occur. This saves you time, money & customers. Our articles have been published in national magazines such as Pest Management Professional, Pest Control Technology, Landscape Management, Golf Course Industry and Parks & Rec Business.

We help our customers select the right pest control equipment (or landscape equipment) with proven strategies for equipment purchase, use & maintenance. And unlike so many others, we stock the little parts, like o-rings, that are hard to find.

Get our FREE resource, the Preflight Checklist to help you and your techs identify & prevent equipment problems BEFORE they occur. Download it at:

Visit or email me at
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The Tech, Climate and Urban Trends that will Transform Cities of the Future
Early Convetit Insect Free Home Design Sprint Board Thinking:
• Challenge Statement: Learn where the home insect control needs are biggest and growing; identify biggest and most relevant (for P&G brand and consumer) tension points to achieve progress against those needs.
• Consumer Tension: Bugs are a part of life, but consumers want a clean, bug-free home. Many external forces take away the consumers’ control of a ‘clean home.’
• Outcome: Identify new technology models and approaches to achieve insect free homes. The brand is built on the idea of minimize the trade-off between efficacy and harm. Solutions should be harmless and effective as well as user-friendly.
• Experts: Bring together experts from bug biology, technology, and lifestyle.

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