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Engage Customers’ Minds

Source Customers Through Knowledge

Your future customers want to talk about their new future. By sponsoring industry expert panels, your company can earn trust and new relationships. Let the insights permeate your business and the new relationships fuel your sales.


It was never a good idea to be talking about our own products, but in today’s environment, it can be downright inappropriate. Companies that can become a source of true market insight and perspective will not only outpace competitors but will also have the credibility and trust to own the narrative.

Cultivate deep client relationships, and grow your business.

Don't just call with a sales pitch. Curate original insights from experts that your customers care about. Never again say "just checking in". You can nurture your prospects with consistent and credible market intelligence in the exact format you desire. Currnt makes your team appear like a research and publishing engine, focused on each of your customers.

Senior Professionals Engage in Strategic Topics

Engage your target customers on the topics that drive their industry. Sponsor engagements worthy of their time or sponsor them on their behalf. Companies that develop strategic relationships win more business.

Empower Your People

Give sales teams the tools they need to understand their customer in way that it can be readily demonstrated to the market. Host a SmartGroup™ on the topics your customers care about.



Attract the Right People

Currnt has two ‘unfair’ advantages: First, AI sources the exact applicants to your specification from across the web, finding people already demonstrating passion, and ensuring global reach on any topic of interest.
Secondly, we recognize that true professionals are motivated to learn and share with their equal caliber peers. This ‘Knowledge Networking’ experience is a rare opportunity for them to become recognized and earn rewards. It is this combination of tech and sensibility that allows clients to select the perfect 20-30 professionals over 5-10 days.


The Most Robust Insights

Subject matter expert facilitators keep the conversation focused over days in DesignSprints™ or over months in KnowledgeStreams™. From problem definition to distilled insights, certified facilitators command state of the art tools as they provide expert consultation throughout the engagement.


The Most Credible Output

By tapping into the voice of the market, automation enables a wide array of deliverables making it possible to capture the nuance of the group in ways that people actually want to consume it.
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"Currnt allowed us to invest in our customer's problem; it changed the whole trajectory of the relationship"

Joydeep Kamdar

Director Sale Enablement, Salesforce