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Bring fresh market intelligence to your customers and be more relevant.

ABM, Challenger Sales, Solution Selling, Insight Sales, all require an understanding of your customer. Exploring industry topics on Currnt allows you to produce steady flows of curated, original insights for a specific customer, or for an entire industry segment. Easily create different experiences around your customer: provide market-ready deliverables, include them on live readouts, webinars, or share regular podcast recordings.


If you want to grab your customer's attention and respect, bring them something their customers said. Think of Currnt's Trends Maps like a curated Quora that summons inputs from only the voices that matter to your customer, allowing you to leverage that into a meaningful discussion related to the problems you solve for. Just type in what you want to learn about, and from whom, the platform produces the industry insights to shape your solutions design, and can package them in a branded format ready for your customers.

Cultivate deep client relationships, and grow your business.

Don't just call with a sales pitch. Curate original insights from experts that your customers care about. Never again say "just checking in". You can drip feed consistent and credible market intelligence in the exact format you desire. Currnt makes your team appear like a research and publishing engine, for each of your customers.

Engage more senior stakeholders, by providing a strategic knowledge experience.

Nothing is more strategic to your customers than the voice of their market. With Currnt KnowledgeStreams™, you can create online panels of experts specific to the strategic topics you know your customers care about, and extend that experience to your customer. Companies that do this, earn more strategic relationships, win more business.

Empower everyone to contribute to customer centricity.

By getting sales teams actively thinking and learning about your customers' interests, help shape culture and create healthy habits of customer obsession. Sales teams asking the right question on behalf of their customer is where they add differentiated value. Currnt makes credible perspective from relevant people frictionless.

Storytelling compels and motivates sales professionals.

Another googled 3rd party report is not going to change the conversation with customers. However, matching expert insights that support key elements of your solution, or product capabilities, does. Leverage the voice of experts to help prospects appreciate the real value of your solutions.

"Currnt allowed us to invest in our customer's problem; it changed the whole trajectory of the relationship"

Joydeep Kamdar

Director Sale Enablement, Salesforce


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See what you can do with Currnt for Sales Enablement

DIY Communities

Type in what you want to expre and with whom and the platform will drive scores of applicants for your selection.

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SME Facilitation

The Currnt domain expert facilitator community is key to the success of each project. Matched to the exact subject, the facilitator acts as an extension of your teams to provide a layer of consultation that goes beyond the insights generated, ensure you uncover the right insights and know how to apply them.

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The platform generates the content most fitting of your goals and can coordinate the inclusion and distribution of the right type of content to the people that you wish to be informed.

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Knowledge Networking

Everyone you engaged on the platform gets added to your company's Knowledge Network making it easy to search and reconnect for quick rounds of feedback or sipmle chat converstations.

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