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The Sprinklr CMO Advisory Board: Defining the Future of Marketing

December 14, 2018 to December 16, 2019

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Title: The Sprinklr CMO Advisory Board
Tagline: Defining the Future of Marketing
About: Marketing is now the most distinguishing, critical function for business. Today, marketing is responsible for building relationships with a company’s top asset – the customer. Connecting with customers is no longer about broadcasting a clever message. In our social world, it’s what customers say about brands that truly matters most. This new reality requires a fundamental shift in marketing strategies.

The CMO Advisory Board brings together passionate leaders to discuss current industry challenges and define the future of marketing. Through a series of virtual and in-person events, members will share their world-shifting visions for the future of marketing, advertising, social media management and more. The CMO Advisory Board is a forum of ideas – the bigger, the better – for how brands can offer game-changing customer experiences on every touchpoint imaginable.


Panelists (99)

Anvesha Poswalia Marketer | Digital & Brand Strategist | Top 50 Digital Leaders India CMO Asia | Adobe Digi100
Michael A
Laureen Schroeder Chief Marketing Officer
Graham Robertson Founder and CMO
Dr. Frank Musmar Adjunct Faculty Instructor
Scott Cook Helping organizations redefine their markets and make their competition irrelevant.
Vic Clesceri Management Executive, Professor, Consultant and Coach
Sebastian Oppermann International CMO | E-commerce | DTC | Growth & Optimization | Digital Transformation | Change Management | Cloud | Branded Consumer Goods
John Zigament Strategic Planning • Innovation • New Product Development • Brand Building • Product Management • Advertising • Public Relations • Agency Management • Consumer Promotion• Customer Marketing
Wendy Harrington Chief Marketing Officer
Matt Owens Director, Client Services at Stylus Innovation + Advisory
Randy Shoemaker Chief Marketing Officer
Kyrsten Musich Global growth strategy, brand and customer experience
Nayyara Rahman Director Digital Services; Ethics At Work Advocate
Abbas Ravat Business Growth Strategist | Marketing Leader | Technology enthusiast
Charlie Riley Director of Marketing
Tom Murray Managing Director, Agency
Lee R. Roth Senior Marketing Executive | Gamechanger
Justin Clutter Analytics Manager at Monkedia
Paul Belle Isle Chief Marketing Advisor
Don Seaberry Director, Digital Marketing
Jim Tincher Mapper-In-Chief
Alex Dorward COO at Simple Story | Proven Entrepreneur | Award-winning Consultant | Public Speaker | Board Adviser
John Kornitsky Marketing Executive
Michael Margolies Advertising, Digital Marketing, MarCom, eCommerce, PR, Creative Production, Commercial Photography, Marketing Executive
Mariana Gomes Product Manager | Co-founder
Rick J. LoCastro President, RJL Consulting Team
Christina Dolan Strategic Marketing Executive, Integrated Marketing Communications
Lillie Beiting Director of Data and Marketing Analytics at The Impact Partnership
Mike Anthony Make brands grow at retail: Speaker, Writer, Consultant, Trainer & Coach.
Roberta Rosenberg Senior Director, Marketing
Ann Hoeger CSO
Philippe Gorge Director in Strategy Consulting
Jason Kaska Global Director of Sales Operations
Yury Gomez Global Leader, Mergers and Acquisitions, Marketing, Sales, Commercial Strategy
Laëtitia Zemiro Investment Manager - Luxury Goods, Fashion, Lifestyle and Innovation
Keith S. White Strategic Growth Officer
Sam Araji MARKETING STRATEGY and PLANNING | PRICING - Drives business growth, revenues, market share, and profitability
Brian McLeod Vice President Content Solutions at Forbes
Jon Kagan VP of Search at MARC USA
Travis Murdock VP of Marketing at Xinova
Tim Rivera Integrated Marketing Consultant and Brand Strategist
Chiara Covone VP Innovation & Executive Coach
Jennifer Degtjarewsky Chief Brand + Product Development Officer | Principal at Media Lab One, LLC
George Ravich Chief Marketing Officer
AJ Rollsy Founder: CORE Marketing Method. I help entrepreneurial business owners discover the life they want, and improve the world for others.
Grant Gooley MBA, Marketing
Scott MacDougall Sr. Marketing Manager at Wolters Kluwer Canada
Roshan Nandwani Executive Director, Transformation at BBDO Guerrero
Veronique Cornu Head of Digital
Glenn Butcher
Morgan Barclay VP of Digital Media
Prashant V
Paul Kadin Senior Advisor
Chris (Krzysztof) Szarski senior digital manager
Anthony Williams CEO | President
Rebeca Montaner, PMP Ceven Digital saves you time and hassle with top social media experts so you can focus o your business. @cevendigital
R. Scott Harris Chief Marketing Officer at Magna Life Settlements and Vida Capital, Inc.
Kerry Morgan President
Emma Worrollo Generational & play expert - Kids and Youth
Peter Shafer President
Kim Gibbons Chief Marketing Officer
Marji Chimes Chief Marketing Officer
Angelica Kajiwara Influencer | Digital Marketing | Content Development
Beth Follenweider Co-Founder | Entrepreneur | Leader
Leo Stevens Owner
Ulrike Lemke Global Head of Marketing Lonza Pharma & Biotech, Vice President
Michael Burke Entrepreneur & Executive
Thomas Molfetto Product Marketing (AI)
Jeff Morrow, MBA Marketing Leader, Lead Generation, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Brand Management, Digital Marketing
Lynn Power Marketer, CEO, Co-Founder, Entrepreneur, Learned Extrovert
Pam Cory Vice President Global Marketing at BitTitan
Jonathan Danemo Make your idea fly
Sarah Moreau PR & Content Director
Tim Boone Executive Leadership Coach
Sara Keating Creative Director
Regina D. Shanklin, MBA Marketing Executive | Marketing Strategy Consultant | Marketing Training & Coaching | Seeking Consulting Opportunities
Marcia Hunt SVP Marketing and Business Strategy at Convenience Valet
Piet Loubser SVP, Global Head of Marketing
David Audley Senior Level Marketing, Sales, and Business Development Executive
Chip Ross Social Media Director, Entertainment and Media Industry / Audience Development / Digital Media Innovator
Emilie Nollet Head of marketing (CMO)
Ramachandran RV Marketing Director, Asia Pacific, HARMAN Professional Solutions at HARMAN International
Jason Kramer CEO, Lead Nurturing & Automated Marketing Strategist
Pratik R. Patel Medtech Product Marketer and Commercialization Leader
Awais Malik Group Consumer Officer, VEON (Formerly Vimpelcom)
Mariko Amekodommo, MBA Asia based Co-Founder | Tech CMO | Public Speaker | Connecting Users and Brands with AR, AI and Fintech methodologies
Keith Getchell Leadership: Product, Revenue, Marketing
Chris Zinkel CEO and CMO
Alan Parker Chief Innovation Officer at Energy BBDO
Sarah Musgrave Marketing, Media and Communications Lead, APAC
Amanda Miller Associate Strategy Director
Diego Giacomini Global Chief Operating Officer at AGATHA Paris
Paul Domjan Chief Strategy Officer at Tellimer
Andrew L
Jonathan Rick I help people polish and promote their story.
Brennan Swing Vice President Creative Media at Mohawk Flooring North America
Cheri Philip, Ph.D. Research Director at The Robeson Group
Enovia Bedford Marketing, Sponsorship and Business Development Expert

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