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Matthew Liotine, PhD Management Consultant, Professor

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Kishor Akshinthala Corporate Leadership; Large Deals Executive; Futurist with a Startup Mindset; Digital Strategist; Blockchain Evangelist Past 30 days points: 1153
Don Gleason Managing Principal / Senior Adviser Past 30 days points: 612
Jay Dwivedi Business Strategy, Market Intelligence for Industrials and Tech Sectors Past 30 days points: 245
Margaret Mitchell Not Your Average CIO Past 30 days points: 241
Fehmida Kapadia Helping organizations adopt a customer-centric approach to manage their innovation and marketing strategy. Past 30 days points: 238
Michael Phelan Former CMO & Principal @ Go-to-Market Pros: |Digital Marketing |Revenue Generation| Pipe Acceleration| GTM Plans | Market Research Past 30 days points: 146
Marsha Williams Technology Executive and Board Member Past 30 days points: 145
Lawrence Loy Medical Doctor, research fellowship Past 30 days points: 138
Vera Rulon Healthcare Transformer & Pioneer | Longevity & Aging Thought Leader | Patient & Caregiver Advocate Past 30 days points: 132
Thanos Kosmidis Co-founder & CEO at Care Across Past 30 days points: 107
Ann Schulte Commercial Viablility and Strategy Consultant Past 30 days points: 81
Jack C Crawford Managing Partner at | AI Maven Past 30 days points: 59
Arnab Paul CEO l President -- Government Blockchain Association- Kolkata Chapter l Blockchain Task Force - HIMSS, USA Past 30 days points: 22
Anne Zieger #Healthcare #AI thought leader/analyst - #HealthIT insider Past 30 days points: 6
Kirk Haselton physicist, owner, consultant

Next Generation Technological Solutions in Healthcare

November 9, 2018 to present

We're focusing on technology and corporate solutions through the lens of healthcare to explore how healthcare companies utilize and invest in technolo... See more

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Open to all (including visitors) to ask and answer questions related to the topic.