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Danielle Dardashti dash. Branded Content / Founder & Principal Advisor


Mary Wirtz Cooper Cooper Consulting Founder: Strategic Marketing Leader I Brand Builder I Drives Innovation

28 Panelists

Anvesha Poswalia Marketer | Digital & Brand Strategist | Top 50 Digital Leaders India CMO Asia | Adobe Digi100 Past 30 days points: 1342
Michael Phelan Former CMO & Principal @ Go-to-Market Pros: |Digital Marketing |Revenue Generation| Pipe Acceleration| GTM Plans | Market Research Past 30 days points: 916
Patrick Van Schie Global Business Executive │ CMO | Managing Director | SVP Sales & Marketing | CPG Leadership | Supervisory Board Roles Past 30 days points: 711
Laureen Schroeder Chief Marketing Officer Past 30 days points: 686
Christine Hade Omni Channel Brand Marketing & Innovation Executive Past 30 days points: 684
Lisa Hendrickson Consultant & Board of Directors Member Past 30 days points: 648
Jason Griesenauer Director, Ecommerce Past 30 days points: 565
Falguni Desai Head of Digital Strategy & Transformation Past 30 days points: 564
Dawn Houghton Innovation Consultant Past 30 days points: 280
Cam Brown CEO Past 30 days points: 261
Ann Green Managing Partner, Creative Development Practice Past 30 days points: 192
Zachary M. Schwitzky Limbik Past 30 days points: 176
Laurence Minsky Associate Professor Past 30 days points: 123
Olesya Govorun Senior Director, Customer Strategy – Global Marketing at Pfizer Essential Health (PEH) Past 30 days points: 82
Alex Smith I help brands connect to humans Past 30 days points: 11
Jay Morgan CEO/CCO at The Commonwealth Picture Co. Past 30 days points: 3
Kim Land SVP Consumer at Knoll
Mark Vena Senior Executive Technology Marketing Leader and Forbes Contributor at Moor Insights & Strategy
Rosemary Ugboajah President
Brad Young Vice President, Digital Content Strategy at Prudential Financial
Jason Webby Chief Revenue Officer at V12 Data
Ian Karr Director/Producer/Founder, IKA Collective
Max Bonpain CMO
Jason Beauregard Head of Studio, VaynerMedia
Maneesh Kaushik Strategy & Insights Professional : Leading Trends Prediction at PepsiCo globally
Albert Gustafson CTO, CFO and Chief Data Scientist/BI Officer at VISMEG
Zachary Timm Marketing Director - Marketing Team Builder
Chad Lakin

The Future of Brand Storytelling

October 17, 2018 to January 28, 2019

We will explore the next generation of brand storytelling trends. Topics will include the rise of data and analytics-driven content, interactive and i... See more

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Open to all (including visitors) to ask and answer questions related to the topic.