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Future of Cryptocurrency Trading

July 18, 2018 to October 30, 2018

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Future of Cryptocurrency Trading

Who should trade
How to trade and build a portfolio
Trading Bans
Trading vs. HODLing


Panelists (20)

James Barry CTO and Co-Founder at Taekion
Anand V Consultant
Ricardo Santos CEO at Heptasense | Investor | Europe's 100 Hottest Startups by Wired
Darryl Glover Pharmacist Consultant-Ops, MTM, Strategy, Blockchain & HIT for BlueShield, the Big 4, & You. LeadGen & NDMS Rx Team.
Ashik Uzzaman Sr Engineering Manager at Marqeta
Mauricio Mattos Blockchain Maximalist
Krishnendu Chatterjee Ph.D. Blockchain Consultant | Cryptocurrency | Fintech | Partnerships | BD & Sales
Paolo Beffagnotti Brand Protection Digital Manager
Vikram Pandya Director Fintech - SP Jain | Strategic Advisor - YES Bank | Influencer | Speaker | Blockchain | AI/ML | WealthTech
Dang Du Cryptocurrency Analyst|Blockchain Researcher
Dr Ojas Kikani Blockchain and IoT - Core still with Networking and Communication... Mission: Technology@doorstep
Christian Kameir Blockchain VC
Ron da Silva Executive Management | Operations & Engineering | Corporate Governance | Technology Strategy
Doug Tamasanis Chief IT Architect/Sr. Director Networks & Security at Kronos Incorporated
Ed A
Steven E. Orr MONEY.NET
Patrice L. Tiolet, INPG, MBA, CPSM Entrepreneurship projects at (independent)
Max H
Robert Baffi Avid Entrepreneur / Data Center & IoT Solutions Expert / Ambassador
Neetan Chopra Group Chief Technology Officer at Dubai Holding

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