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Wa'el Bibi, CPA,CIA,CISA Assurance & Audit Executive.Founder & President at Bibi Consulting ,CEO at AdapGility Consulting, Former Arthur Andersen Partner.

21 Panelists

Paolo Beffagnotti Brand Protection Digital Manager Past 30 days points: 1215
Lisa Hendrickson Consultant & Board of Directors Member Past 30 days points: 653
Fehmida Kapadia Helping organizations manage innovation, acquire customers and scale their business Past 30 days points: 506
Adam Malofsky, PhD Managing Partner, Elemence - We Help, Listen & Learn - $2.5B products sold/yr - Collaborator, Coach, Innovator & Advisor Past 30 days points: 441
Sumant Parimal Partner and Chief Analyst of '5 Jewels Research' at Innogress, Also Partner at Stark Consulting, USA Past 30 days points: 432
alex magid More than 30 years of business and IT experience Past 30 days points: 354
Bart Groenewoud International workshop & training facilitator Past 30 days points: 347
Irina Koulikova Manager Bain & Company Past 30 days points: 327
Christine Hade Omni Channel Brand Marketing & Innovation Executive Past 30 days points: 236
Alan Arnett Exploration Director - helping leaders connect people when they need to do important new work Past 30 days points: 195
Patrick Henz Head of Governance & Compliance US and Regional Compliance Officer Americas at Primetals Technologies . AI. Past 30 days points: 192
Nimesh Shah Internal Audit Leader | Director, Internal Audit | Senior Manager | Past 30 days points: 189
Andrei Luchici Consultant - Artificial Intelligence & IoT Past 30 days points: 177
Giovanni Giazzon Management, Technology & Innovation Past 30 days points: 118
Falguni Desai Corporate Development, Strategy, Transformation, Growth Past 30 days points: 104
Chris Toth Senior Research Analyst - Experiential and Consumer Insights Past 30 days points: 48
Abhijit Bhavsar Lead - Supply Chain at Hitachi Consulting Past 30 days points: 44
Len Keck President, Owner's Representative & Project Management Consultant at Westfield Consulting L.L.C. Past 30 days points: 20
James Gardner Market + Business Development at MedTouch
Dan Harper Business Advisor -- Sales, Marketing and Management Consulting
Markus Biegel Management Consultant

Future of Management Consulting

August 27, 2018

Future of Management Consulting. As businesses struggle to cope with increasing disruption trends, consulting firms will continue to bring in new clie... See more

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Open to all (including visitors) to ask and answer questions related to the topic.