Developing a Skilled Workforce for the Modern Age of Innovation and Change
06: Final Thoughts and Thanks
05: Where are examples of success and failure? What are the lessons learned?
04: The future of work
03: What could a potential solution look like in practice? What barriers & challenges will be faced?
02: What are the key attributes to the ideal solution for companies to continuously re-skill & unlock po
01: What are the trends and drivers impacting the workforce? Does it differ between skilled/unskilled la
Wendy Harrington


group 26
Dr. David E. M
Frank Kovacs
Daniel Schiff
Jon M. Quigley, MS PMP CTFL
Lynn Power
Adam Malofsky, PhD
Jeffrey Moss
Susan McNeal Velasquez
Shannon Graham, CPBA, CPMA
Sebastian Grodzietzki
Ana E Tamez
Irina Koulikova
David Whiting
Brendan McGinty
Howard Matalon
Michael Phelan
Mary Beth McIntire
Megan R. Bell, MPM, PMP
Lena Beck Roervig
Japman B
Keith Grinsted
Jorge Pinto
Anshumali Saxena
Allyson Marshall
Alexander Robinson
Wayne Tarken, CSM, SPHR