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Transforming the B2B Buying Experience

March 19, 2018 to January 16, 2019

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B2B sales are hard but buying is even harder. Today's buyer is being bombarded with a constant flow of emails, phone calls, and social touches which is creating lots of noise for buyers to pick out the signal that matters. We are looking to learn how organizations are using science and sincerity to 'rise above the noise' to create a better buying experience.


Panelists (48)

David Cottrell Managing Director @ Gradient Limited
David Cottrell Managing Director @ Gradient Limited
Fehmida Kapadia Helping organizations adopt a customer-centric approach to manage their innovation and marketing strategy.
Michael Phelan Start-Up CMO, Founder & Principal Go-to-Market Pros
Paolo Beffagnotti Brand Protection Digital Manager
Joana Santos Digital Marketing Consultant
Sandy Waters Semi Retired at SW Consulting but still helping companies accelerate growth
Steve Borochoff VP Sales | Advisor | Software, Systems, Sensors | Enterprise, OEM, Embedded | Artificial Intelligence | IoT |
Primo Bonacina Managing Partner, PBS - Primo Bonacina Services: consultancy on marketing/digital, business/sales, management/HR
Jay Dwivedi Business Strategy, Market Intelligence for Industrials and Tech Sectors
Kevin Ascher Modernizing sales teams to produce amazing results
Kevin Ascher Modernizing sales teams to produce amazing results
Doug Landis Growth Partner @ Emergence Capital
Carola van der Linden International Marketer, Social Media expert, Digital Strategy, Social Selling & Social Advocacy Program Mgmt, Digital Sales B2B, Sales/Marketing alignment, Global enterprise & Startups , Event & Community Marketing, Content creator, Storytelling, Customer
Olivier Legrand Managing Director at Onext Bvba
Chris Woods Global Innovation & Strategy Leader at Insight
Joan Dharmadi Senior Business Development Manager
Robert Cameron “Senior Integrated B2B Direct Marketing Strategist: Building brands for the future”
Michael K
David Feidner Collaborative Global Leader & Executive Coach
Alexander Robinson BDM Seeing Machines | Co-Founder Airly | Writer | Pilot
Lisa Kilawee Health Care Industry VP, Alliance Strategy. Developing partnerships to help providers navigate accountable care.
Falguni Desai Head of Digital Strategy & Transformation
Ed A
Vishal Srivastava B2B Technology & SaaS Marketing - helping growing SaaS with Digital Marketing & Sales Planning and Execution
Gabriela Lavezzari Principal at Vertex Advisors
Fanish Shukla Lead CIO, Enterprise Architect, Innovator, Founder, Speaker and DeepListener
Karl Chang Director - Asia Pacific Sales & Global Projects
Larry Kramer General Manager/SEVP/Sales-Marketing Leadership- Medical Devices/Pharmaceuticals/Distribution
Nayyara Rahman Director Digital Services; Ethics At Work Advocate
Sebastian Grodzietzki CGO @ PARIS AG | MD @ multiple | Serial Founder | Business Angel | Chief Advisor (IoT, Digital Transformation, EduTech + Growth) | Speaker
Dan Harper Business Advisor -- Sales, Marketing and Management Consulting
Glenn Wastyn High-tech Solutions Executive: CEO, Regional & BU Management, VP Sales and Marketing with Global Impact
Joseph Zuccaro Transforming Marketing and Sales Teams with the power of the MarTech stack.
Trish Bertuzzi Author of "The Sales Development Playbook," CEO of The Bridge Group, Inc. and Inside Sales Evangelist
Olaf Zwijnenburg OmniChannel Executive (Retail, Wholesale, FMCG)
Patty Block Market Development Director *Add New Sales Streams *Create Unique Bus Dev & Content Mgt Programs
Paul Fenick Senior New Account Executive - New Business Development
Akshay Birla Sales & Marketing at Radix Health | Board Member: Woodstock School, KFI | Amateur Podcaster
Kristina McMillan VP Research
Daniel Watt Director of Sales Efficiency for the Americas at Future Electronics
Bill Beckman Regional Sales Director at ARANZ Medical
Kathy Jia Senior Director, IT Professional Services
Ashleigh Early Delivering and Empowering Ready-Made SDRs with Sales Apprenticeships- #WWS #W2W
Dailius Wilson VP Sales and Growth
Janet Monroe Senior Executive | B2B | Customer Success│Strategy Design | Consultative Sales | CRM | Data-Driven Business Results
Jeff Davis Aligning B2B Marketing and Sales to Drive Growth - Keynote Speaker | Coach | Blogger | Podcaster
Darrell Ellens I Help CEOs, CMOs, CTOs, CFOs and Authors Become Thought Leaders. World-Class LinkedIn Profile Makeovers #SocialSelling

Open to all (including visitors) to ask and answer questions related to the topic.