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The Future of Cyber Security in Transforming Business

September 28, 2017 to December 14, 2018

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The pace of cyber security threats is accelerating faster than most people realize. With the emergence of new technologies and the explosion of endpoints via mobility and IoT, it is almost impossible to stay current. We're assembling an ongoing Discovery Board of industry leaders, including CISOs, compliance officers, consulting practice leaders, and CTOs/CIOs to explore best practices. A few themes that may be explored, but not limited to, include:

Architecting for IoT security
Malware prevention
Authentication best practices
Disaster recovery
IT security roadmapping
Compliance and risk
Scenario vetting and planning
Data governance


Panelists (59)

Paolo Beffagnotti Brand Protection Digital Manager
Patrick Henz Head of GRC US, Regional Compliance Officer Americas, Futurist, Storyteller, AI.
Marsha Williams Technology Executive and Board Member
Ross A. Leo CISO
Mayank Lau Principal Consultant at DSCI & EY Top20 Thought-Leadership Panel on the Future of Cyber Security
Scott Andersen Distinguished Solution Architect Verizon
Dr. Qazi Mamoon Digital Services and Innovation
Christopher Gebhardt Director, Global SOC Operations
Ricardo Santos CEO at Heptasense | Investor | Europe's 100 Hottest Startups by Wired
Merritt B
Jon Cook Chief Information Officer at Brandt Group of Companies
Fanish Shukla Lead CIO, Enterprise Architect, Innovator, Founder, Speaker and DeepListener
Hitesh Mathpal Technical Director
Himanshu Mehta Team Lead@Symantec|Mentor@NITI Aayog|Board Member@EC-Council, Convetit|Speaker@Hakon, InfoSecurity Europe, NCSC, HIP
Pip Barton President and Business Development Head at ACAI Network LLC
James Mccartney CEO
James Barry COO and Co-Founder at Taekion, COO & Co-Founder
Andri Apriyana Professional in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Automations, Actuaries, Governance, Risk Management and Cybersecurity
Andri Apriyana Professional in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Automations, Actuaries, Governance, Risk Management and Cybersecurity
Aurobindo Sundaram Head of Information Assurance & Data Protection at RELX Group
Timothy Smit Sr. Global Privacy and Cyber Security Risk Consultant
Anton Chuvakin Research Vice President & Distinguished Analyst at Gartner
Ron da Silva Executive Management | Operations & Engineering | Corporate Governance | Technology Strategy
Bill Fryberger Director of Enterprise Security Operations at Procter & Gamble
Bill Fryberger Director of Enterprise Security Operations at Procter & Gamble
Martial R Digital Transformation and IT Operations - CIO / CTO - GFI Informatique
Jean-Luc A CTO Capgemini Financial Services France
Tal Melamed Cyber Security Expert
Frank Kovacs Global Head, Digital Business & EPMO
Brendan McGinty Industry Director
Santhosh Nair Management Consultant for early-stage companies. 20+ years as Director, Senior Quality Manager, Principal Software Engineer and Program Manager.
Krishnendu Chatterjee Ph.D. Blockchain Consultant | Cryptocurrency | Fintech | Partnerships | BD & Sales
Richard Henderson Researcher,writer,hacker,speaker:Global Security Strategist at Absolute. Contributor for CSO, Forbes, Dark Reading, etc.
Jay Brodsky CIO | CTO | Operating Executive | Board Member | Digital Transformer | Cybersecurity Strategist
Lara Neumann Risk Advisory Consultant
James Francis Trocmé Principal Executive Consultant at EDIC Consulting and CEO at Swishh ⚡
Joseph E. Glaser, MD, DABNM, RPVI, CCD, DCBCCT Nuclear Medicine Physician at Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology
Kumar Chinnakali developer, architect, and business development leader helping enterprises in their cloud, big data, and AI initiatives.
Heriberto Acosta Maestre Army National Guard DL Program Site Administrator
Warren Hero Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft
Dr. Char Sample Cyber Security Researcher - Fellow at ICF International
Amandeep Midha VP Engineering at Ernit
glenn gramling Vice President
Tommy Kolega Delivering business value through technology, globally
Wilfred Farias Cyber Security Leader | SecDevOps | Information Security
Chris Horlacher, CPA, CA Chief Executive Officer at Equibit Group
Richard Eisenberger Team Lead - Security Services at CyberArk
Tom Janssen ✔Freelance ICT-, Project- and Change manager,
Chris Hamilton Director, Industrial IT/OT and Cyber Security at Grantek
Chris Hamilton Director, Industrial IT/OT and Cyber Security at Grantek
Ken Wilkinson Business Management Technology Professional Information Technology Management CIO, Vice President, Director, Enterprise Project Management
Scott Shinberg Senior Business Development Principal
Ron Horn, MBA, CHCIO Digital Transformation Executive Looking for opportunities
Christopher Thomas CIO | CISO | DPO | Director of Information Technology at Northwest Missouri State University
Ricardo Pinto Data Protection & Info Sec Consultant | GDPR Implementation Project Lead
Peter Ambs CIO, CIty of Albuquerque. Director of Innovation and Technology Dept.
Damir Filipovic Director at Europa Insights Secretary General at AIOTI
Kobi M
Rich Corbett Chief Technology Officer @ New York & Company

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