Latest Knowledge Networking Trends: An Interview with Tom O'Malley, CEO of Currnt

By Currnt | Jackie Rauchberger | Apr 30, 2021
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PODCAST: Interview with Currnt's CEO Tom O'Malley

15 min | By Tom O'Malley, Currnt & Gene Gates

The Fresh Knowledge Movement


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About the Podcast

Knowledge Networking and Social Networking are taking a new spin. Currnt CEO Tom O'Malley and Gene Gates talk about how to stay fresh and relevant in today's business world. How to knowledge network and join "The Fresh Knowledge Movement" trend. What do Currnt and Clubhouse even have in common and/or how do they complement each other?


TIP by O'Malley

Think about what keeps you relevant. There is a tendency to focus on the solution and  while understanding your company and your competitors’ products does matter, your ability to empathize with your potential customer and anticipate their needs is a far greater determinant of relevance today.  Empathy is not just a good idea, it’s a competitive advantage.


Tom O’Malley, Innovation Enthusiast and Practicing Entrepreneur, CEO of Currnt

Tom O’Malley is Founder and CEO of Currnt, a marketing intelligence startup that uses AI to recruit on-demand, curated teams of experts for virtual focus groups and ongoing advisory boards. Tom launched Currnt in 2015 while living in Palo Alto, and fulfilled his vision for the company to be fully remote and 90% gig in 2018.

Prior to Currnt, he held various senior leadership positions at Oracle, Avaya and Qwest Communications. Tom received his MBA from the University of Chicago – Booth School of Business and his bachelor’s degree in business from Emory University – Goizueta Business School. As a demonstration of the work-from-anywhere culture, Tom resides in the resort town of Coronado, Calif. with his wife and two daughters.


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