Season Finale: Recap of all 9 Episodes

By Jonathan Reichental and Tom O'Malley | Jul 25, 2020
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S4 Ep10 | 57 min | By Jonathan Reichental and Thomas O'Malley


A Great Season Finally and Recap of all 9 Episodes

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About S4 Episode 10

Well, that's it for season 4. In this finale it's just Jonathan and Tom talking about the nine episodes of this season and dropping some random non sequiturs. It might have some of the best jokes and it may not. If you go for a long walk or drive and need one-hour of meaningless banter, this is the episode for you. See you next season if there is one.


About the Podcast 

Two guys drinking wine and talking about technology topics they know very little about from the front seat of Silicon Valley, California.


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