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Having a water supply which is not filtered or treated from source can lead to yellowish or light Brown tap water, which makes the white clothes yellow and make the pipes dirty looking. How will the water be treated at home to make it clear?

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Edna Cuaresma, MD, LlB
32 months ago

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You can try using Alum.

Omar Sharif
32 months ago

The common compound in groundwater that leads to yellowish coloration and clothes staining is typically manganese (Mn). The presence of manganese may also result in an odor similar to sulfur or eggs.
Manganese is a naturally-occurring element and is an essential nutrient for humans.
USEPA has established a Secondary Maximum Contaminant Level for manganese of 0.050 mg/L based on staining and taste factors.
For homes served by a private water source (groundwater well) treatment of water typically comprises a two-part treatment consisting of a resin softener bed and a reverse osmosis filter. The resin bed utilizes a saline compound to achieve the ion exchange that captures the manganese. The water exiting the bed can be used for household uses like showering and laundry but it is saline and typically is treated at the kitchen faucet via reverse osmosis in order to improve the water for drinking and consumptive use.
These systems are readily available but may be expensive. Pelleted salt is required to be regularly added to the system.
Other compounds in water that might also be present include iron which is removed using a similar treatment system.

Adam Balogh
32 months ago
Thanks Omar, a multilayer of rock and sand would help? - Edna 32 months ago

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