Smart cities for healthy aging


How technologies will facilitate Smart Living in-terms of health & wellness, safety and lifestyle?
What are the current & future global trend?
What will be role of IoT in building healthy smart home for ageing population?

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Samares B
64 months ago

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First and foremost would be the safety of the elderly as well as mobility and communication or connectiveness/connectivity to family members and friends. A means to monitor them (CCTV) is very important and wireless alarm system that will be sent to a rescue hub. Transmission of health records and accuracy of the data is very important. Reminders to take medications should be considered, too or even a structured timing for some tasks.

Edna Cuaresma, MD, LlB
64 months ago
Thanks Dr. Edna! - Samares 64 months ago

The cities which provide benefits for social and for the elderly such as :

Healthy Lifestyles, peaceful & Religious Views for elderly..

Healthy nutrition with Physical Fitness to avoiding obesity and bad habits such as smoking, heavy drinking and not have enough sleeping..

Social Relationships and Support

Reduce or eliminate the face age discrimination for elder workers based on stereotypes that they are less able to learn new skills and will cost more than younger employees will.

Some volunteer opportunities are informal, such as when neighbors help one another, while others are formal arrangements, involving organizations, position descriptions, and supervision similar to a work situation. Young adult volunteers are more likely to be well educated, have a good income, and have a history of volunteer service. Offering volunteer service. Older adults benefit the most from volunteering, through social involvement, participation in meaningful work, and indirectly better mental and physical health.

Satisfaction in post-retirement, similar to satisfaction in late adulthood, is linked to good health, enjoyable activities, and good relationships within their peers.

Retirement programs, such as Social Security and employer pension programs, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and employer pension plans have adapted with good Medicare systems, outpatient care, office visits, skilled nursing facilities, and home health services.

Many other that you will request a consultation with me to complete…

Marc Rahme, MID, PhD

Marc Rahme
64 months ago

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