Future of technology in healthcare


Key trends in the future of automation and technology in healthcare

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Anand V
68 months ago

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The modern technology like robotics, AI will rule in the future because of more accuracy and precision. Already many developed countries have adopted these technologies in healthcare sector and they are really doing very well. With these technology, doctors can directly target the site of action and point where actual surgery might be required without disturbing other parts of the body.

Abhishek Raj
68 months ago

I can think about the following as the future health care industry

  • Rapid progress in Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) is shaping the healthcare domain by putting all the scattered information in digital format and making it accessible to people across the world.
  • Smart, efficient, and responsive medical systems as part of future smart cities.
  • e-consulting with doctors (physical & virtual) sitting at home saving time
  • IoT-based healthcare devices could provide the early detection of potential exacerbations and inform patients and medical professionals such that they can be treated promptly.
  • Mobile Technology Applications in the Healthcare Industry will provide better personalized health care, disease management and services to patients and their relatives, as well as a better and flexible way of communicating with physicians, patients and medical suppliers.
  • Wearable healthcare devices are one of the fastest growing technology areas that find application from tracking to diagnosis (infant safety and care, elderly care, chronic disease management, military support, sports medicine, and preventive medicine).
  • Wearable technologies for measuring and monitoring activity, heart rate, heart rhythm, and thoracic fluid and remote patient monitoring (RPM).
  • Self-diagnosis using wearable devices and online database and e-prescription and ordering medicine accordingly.
  • Personalized medicine and healthcare.
  • Medical education through e-school.
  • Inventory management using IoT in pharmacy
  • Smart and efficient manufacturing using robotics
Samares B
68 months ago

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