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What are some ways you can overcome a general discomfort with storing personal information online for adults over 50? In working with clients there seems to be a general distrust of online as well as for many, discomfort. How might we help older adults get more comfortable with the benefits to use digital storage ... and to trust it?

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Kay Bransford
23 months ago

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I think that one of the most convincing ways that we learn and build trust with one another is through stories/testimonials. The more stories that can be shared of older adults who were initially skeptical of providing online personal information but subsequently trusted providing this would be helpful for others. Also, emphasis of the measures being taken by the site to minimize/eliminate cyber security threats would help as well to help adults feel secure.

Rich Orlov, CPA, MBA
23 months ago
Unfortunately, I think they see more stories in the media about how it went badly. I share the benefits of what they gain and ask them to consider how that compares to what they could lose. As Jorge Serrano noted, they are fine with photo's and events. Tax time is one of the ways I can illustrate to clients the benefit of online access to their financial service providers. - Kay 23 months ago
My data = my control = not a cloud storage fan - Dr. David E. 12 months ago

Older adults react to digital information sharing in many different ways. In subjects such as personal files, photos, information about family & friends and events, they are ussually more open to share and store digital information in the cloud, specially if the devices they use is their celular phone or Tablet. As for BUSINESS and other technical or Company information, they tend to rely more on the advise of IT people either at the Company site or in profesional or BUSINESS gatherings. I suggest to take advantage of both strategies and allow for them to store their digital information through their devices and launch a program of embassadors (early adopters senior adults) sponsored to attend key conventions and other profesional gathering events. These embassadors should be equiped and briefed on how to overcome key objections from the target market.

Jorge Serrano
23 months ago
Most of those hesitant have been retired for at least a decade. In my community, we are working at launching technology happy hours and bring in high school kids to share how they are using technology ... as well as answer how to do X on my iPad or iPhone questions. - Kay 23 months ago
How to play games - date - gamble - socialize = all the vital things - Dr. David E. 12 months ago

I am in health care and there is a lot of resistance with patients and practitioners not to use digital storage. Practitioners like there paper.

Eldon Davey
18 months ago
Agree because patients are not SCM widgets - Dr. David E. 12 months ago

Ensuring trust and security is one such factor. I would say Banks have done it pretty good. When online banking started there was a same kind of fear towards that as well. But, with trusted customer support and ensuring that the "risk is covered", now more and more people of all the age groups are going online.

Hitesh Mathpal
12 months ago

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