Blockchain for Clinical and Health Economics studies


When promoting medical products pharma and medical devices companies refer to Clinical or Health Economics studies. Usually the list of the studies provided as reference is extremely large and it's hard to verify if those studies are sound and they really relate to the product that's being promoted. Can blockchain technology help to map a link among studies with similar results that can be trusted to support a product claim?

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Pablo Toledo
29 months ago

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Yes, blockchain can do this kind of thing. Blockchain is based on consensus algorithm and that can certainly help to find authenticated trusted and correct studies. "Smart Contract" is a use case in Blockchain that is very popular that ensures trust in business operations/contracts. However, everything is pretty new in Blockchain and things are still growing. 

Hitesh Mathpal
29 months ago

At this moment, while blockchain is proven, the technology is still relatively new; but as it matures, it is certain that clinical and health economies studies will benefit more from increasing application of blockchain technology to improve the indexing of references, in order to provide better access to the more trusted studies.

Alexander Greene (LION)
29 months ago

Interesting question, one that illustrates the potential as well as the possible pitfalls with the technology. Blockchain can use an algorithm to link related studies so they are collected in one place and are easier to find. Whether or not the studies are thorough and unbiased is a subjective decision.  The reality is academics and marketing execs debate such issues non-stop daily. Consensus may be reached in some cases and not in others. At the end of the process, the individual or group collecting the information needs to sift through it and make its own determination about a product's usefulness. In general, buyer beware is a good axiom when making such determinations.

Paul Korzeniowski
29 months ago

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