Natural product and childs.....all about the price?


As a mom I always try to buy the best products for my kids, but ofcourse with a budget limited to what I can afford. I always consider the best chossing natural products if possible....but what makes natural product so expensive? why junk food is so cheap? is it not time to make a change in product price if we wants moms to use more natural products?? The same hapens usually with natural body and facial products!.

Natural Products Strategy
María F Lara
36 months ago

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As Abhishek describes above, the key driver is typically economic. Marketers know that families with children desire value in the products they buy. Many parents are willing to trade off certain ingredient considerations in the interest of getting more product for their money knowing that their kids are going to be indiscriminate and just eat whatever mom or dad brings home...quickly and completely. As parents and consumers in general become better informed about natural ingredients, and as their popularity increases, the economics associated with the use of these materials in place of cheaper ones improves, which in turn, makes natural options more competitive and attractive.

Michael Fruhling
36 months ago
Yes I agree. - Abhishek 36 months ago

The price for all natural products are not expensive. It depends on the availability of that product in nature and the process of extraction of the chemical constituents present in that natural product. If it involves tedious process then it's gonna be expensive. Again if the concentration of the extract is very low then it will be expensive. It also depends on the way in which it is formulated.

Abhishek Raj
36 months ago

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