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What is the best strategy to inform a person she needs to use a deodorant without being offensive?

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Edna Cuaresma, MD, LlB
22 months ago

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Defenitely in a personal conversation, but you have to ensure the moment is right. In the long run the limited embarrassment she may feel in that private conversation will outweigh the larger embarrassment in public. Start by creating report, e.g. by asking if that persons day/week has been particularly stressful, how they are doing etc. That also provides them with a means to 'blame the situation' and not feel too embarrassed.

Most importantly, if you don't want the relationship to suffer: be sincere.

Bart Groenewoud
22 months ago
Yes I agree with your opinion Bart. - Abhishek 22 months ago

This issue has been provided in multiple weblinks. Some of them are given below.

How to tell someone they smell: (
• Talk to the employee in private.
• Start with a soft approach
• Do not say that people are talking about the smell or that people are complaining. Own the problem yourself and say that you’ve noticed the problem.
• Tell the employee what the problem is as you see it.
• Try to attach the problem to a business issue eg the impact on customers or colleagues
• Ask the employee if they have any medical problem that you need to be aware of; there are medical conditions which can affect how much a person sweats (hyperhidrosis) and what their sweat smells like (Fish Odour Syndrome).
• Ask the employee if there is anything in their personal life which could be causing the problem (finding out an employee has lost their home or is living somewhere with no washing facilities is likely to provoke a different reaction from most employers than someone just not bothering to shower).
• Set out your expectations for improvement and a date when you will meet again to review the situation.
• Ask if there is anything you can do to help the employee achieve the improvements
• Reassure the employee that this informal conversation with them will remain a private matter between the two of you.
• Make a diary note of the conversation.
• Monitor the situation discreetly and hold your review meeting.

Samares B
22 months ago

Tell her in private politely but never in front of others.

Abhishek Raj
22 months ago

I would talk about a new natural product that I am using and that I trust and will ask him if he nows it and recomend him to use it.

María F Lara
22 months ago

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