Therapeutic use of probiotic microorganisms as treatment for different diseases is a controversial field


Microbiome needs a balance in each organ. Bowel alterations can be treated with fecal transplantation, however, even there are a patients and donor inclusion criteria, there is still a risk of infections or transmission of other conditions. Do you think that fecal transplant should be use in hospitals?

María F Lara
36 months ago

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The body of evidence suggests that this is one of the treatments that you can use in Clostridium difficile is FMT, after doing blood tests to match compatibility and reduce rejection. This treatment for example is available through the NHS.

Lawrence Perry MIoD FRSA
36 months ago
One hundred year old news - Dr. David E. 24 months ago

I am not a Doctor, so I cannot speak to the efficacy. However, it does seem to be having some success with certain cases of Autism in Europe. I feel like there should be a classification of procedures where patients can make their own choice after understanding all the risks and this treatment would fall under that category.

It would not be FDA approved but rather an experimental treatment that has shown some efficacy but with risks. Then the patient and family move forward at their own risk but you would have to limit liability to the provider based on those "known risks".

Tyler Mayoras
36 months ago
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Though Fecal transplantation has a fairly good success rate (70-80%), this should be handled carefully, after other alternate measures are exploited.There are medications available in alternate medicine viz., Ayurveda where administration of plant based drugs followed by procedures like virechana (purgation) and vasti (enema) has found to be useful. These procedures have no risk and free of side effects. Studies conducted on IBS patients with above treatment have shown good success.

Sandeep Varma
36 months ago
Not FDA approved. - Dr. David E. 24 months ago
No TPA reimbursement. - Dr. David E. 24 months ago

Instead of fecal transplantation, I would recommend trying natural products and intake of prebiotic and probiotic rich food.

Abhishek Raj
36 months ago
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