Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) be the new age tool of human exploitation?


Automated processes, Robotics and Machines are novel when used to serve human needs. However, when human thinking is capped by new trends in technology, the result could be nothing less than human exploitation.
From drones, man-less planes, missiles and cars to tracking every website that you are involved in, we humans have gone way far in employing Artificial Intelligence (AI).
With no regulation in place, no question asked to the technology unicorns, will Artificial Intelligence (AI) be the new age tool of human exploitation?

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Sakit Yuwaraj
78 months ago

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This is a very broad question. Every technology becomes a tool of human exploitation in different aspects. But I think, it's not the technology but the tool that runs on the technology exploits the things. For example, nuclear physics a science, now one can make electricity and other can make a bomb. The world has seen both. 
I think we can not stop people using technology, but you are right a governance and regulation is much required here. Especially in case of AI. AI automation has not only technical but social impacts as well.

Hitesh Mathpal
78 months ago

This is a great question.
Something I'm increasingly intrigued about is a more subtle form of 'exploitation' ... something we do to ourselves.Technology is so seductive and has so many possibilities, but I think we are starting to privilege the linear, logical, rule-based world of 'algorithms ' in a belief systems that basically says: if you can gather enough data and reduce the principles to rules, then AI can do a better job than humans. Yes, certainly. many times. But humans are notoriously non linear and non-reductionist. We're noisy and sense make with more abstract patterning than algorithms often do. I'm watching trends like the withdrawal of funds from humanities in universities to prioritise the STEM subjects (Science, tech, engineering and maths) and wondering if there's a general shift here that signals a bias to linear sensemaking and a pretense that we make sense and meaning in those same ways. . If we constructed our tech (and we construct AI, at least initially) to do only that, we will be leaving our selves (messy, non reductionist, slow thinking, creative, imaginative) out the picture. And then AI, whatever job it has, might not serve us/ exploit us, in ways we can't easily even identify...?

Alison Reid
78 months ago

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