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How will AI change the way we conduct sales? Will it add efficiencies and can it automate repetitive tasks?

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Nick McMahon
59 months ago

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If you have good data AI could act as your admin to feed the CRM. It can predict which is a valuable solution and set up a deal based on the previous activities. Basically it analyzes data and creates alerts to highlight when consumers made a purchase based on this pattern. AI can generate accurate forecast too, this is then used to allocate the right resources for a project.

Paolo Beffagnotti
59 months ago
Automatically identifying hot leads and improving forecasting predictability is huge. Thank you! - Nick 59 months ago
It is but the amount of time saved if successfully using AI is huge too and allow you to focus on several other topics. - Paolo 59 months ago
I like the thought AI as your admin of CRM. Paolo Beffagnotti - Hitesh 59 months ago
Hitesh Mathpal, I loved the idea to use AI for necessary but time consuming admin activities such as paperwork and scheduling meetings since the beginning. I am just not sure we can use it to interact with customers, if it fails persons on the other side could be really upset after understanding to have interacted with a software. - Paolo 59 months ago
Agreed, Paolo Beffagnotti and hence I believe that there should be some human touch remain in sales process. - Hitesh 59 months ago
Hitesh Mathpal in my view AI should give you the time to meet consumers and to have the right time to prepare for this in an accurate way, not to replace you. So far I ran crazy when I had to interact with machines but these failed to get the point, I was in a blind alley without any exit. - Paolo 59 months ago

AI and the usage of Big Data will definitively change the way Sales Planning and processes related to Commercial activities are handled in the very near future.
Nevertheless this will only be posible if the input information to be processed is correct. Nowadays a relevant amount of information is in the hands of the sales reps and players of the commercial organisation. The quality of the outcome will be proportionate to the quality of the elements fed in the system.
To improve this quality it will be key to invest in data gathering technologies (evolved CRMs and CLMs, state of the art BI systems, etc...) and even more importantly, in training and capabilities of the sales forces.
In summary, to gain on effectivenes during the selling process we will need to improve the quality of reporting.

Luis Magarzo Bello
59 months ago
AI is only as good as the data it has to work with. That makes sense. Thanks! - Nick 59 months ago

Well - I guess it depends on what you are attempting to achieve. From a sales standpoint, all of us are using CRM to track our sales, pipeline, tasks, opportunities, etc... CRM is AI to a degree because it's software that's installed into your computer (the machine) allowing you to conduct these duties. So if I am on the right track - the software which talks to the machine and then the data which is displayed for the user, is to provide that data in a streamlined fashion and to help automate all of your tasks, activities and reports allowing you to effectively track your success. Remember, you cannot Manage what you cannot measure.

Does this help? I hope this makes sense.


James (JD) Dimas
59 months ago
CRM's are standard now in sales. Salesforce is about to open a 61 story office tower in San Francisco! What I'm gathering is that CRM's will continue to become more robust with reporting capabilities. Perhaps the short term AI advances will be more in the marketing and qualifying leads part of the sales process? - Nick 59 months ago

Accurate forecasting and analysis are two areas where AI can help as a major resource in the sales. AI can help sales professionals job easy. Sales call automation, segmentation of customers and profiling kind of things can also be achieved through machine learning. However, I still believe for final sale you will ( and should) always need a human touch. 

Hitesh Mathpal
59 months ago
That makes a lot of sense! The goal is to spend more time with qualified buyers and less time with people who are not ready for a solution. - Nick 59 months ago

Any tool that can automate the task of tracking results to include pipeline changes, time to close or move the prospect to the next level, priority targeting can be a useful tool. Key is to automate without requiring additional administrative tasks at the sales end.

Larry Kramer
59 months ago

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