Natural Products and Child health interest in the mobil apps


Do you think that a mobil app would be of interest for childs to help choosing natural products for their meals? Do you know if this kind of app already exist?

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María F Lara
36 months ago

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There are indeed a number of health and nutrition apps for children. There also are many others that, not being tailored specifically for children, are simple enough for kids to use.

However, in order to answer the question, it would be interesting to know the age ranges your are targeting as well as what exactly are you expecting to achieve,



Edelmiro Moman
36 months ago
Can you name some of those apps? Thanks - María F 36 months ago

Anything mobile will help children since they are eager to use them. There are several apps out there and that was the idea of my book, "The Greenbox League of Nutritious Justice".

Keith Kantor
36 months ago
Do you know the names of those apps?? thanks - María F 36 months ago
Hi Maria; I don't know them offhand but just google children's nutrition apps and you should be able to get a list. - Keith 36 months ago

There are several apps on natural/organic food. For example, BuzzFeed has listed 21 of them (Disclaimer: I do not endorse any of these apps).

If the question pertains to mobile app for use of natural products in a medical context for treatment of specific diseases such apps do exist in both iOS (for e.g. Natural Medicines by Therapeutic Research Center) as well as Android (for e.g. Home Remedies+ : Natural Cures). (Disclaimer: I do not endorse any of these apps).

Arjun Sharmah
36 months ago

Hi! Maria,
There are several such mobile apps available but it depends on what actually you are looking for and which age group. Some of the mobile apps are:
Recipes For Kids
14 Baby Food Age 6 Months
Health and Nutrition Guide
Baby Solid Food
Kids Healthy Meal Recipes
Baby Food Recipe
Healthy Nutrition Guide Babies
Babygogo Parenting
Healthy Eater - Baby's Diet
Nutrition For Kids
Baby & Kids Healthy Nutrition Food Recipes


Abhishek Raj
36 months ago
thanks! - María F 36 months ago
None of them are what I was thinking.... I´ll try to work on a new app that would help to inform about what kids are choosing to eat in the moment....nothing to do with those recipes apps or info app for baby parents.... - María F 36 months ago

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