Business Transformation using Artificial Intelligence and Automation


Thanks for spending your valuable time on my question. I would be glad to engage with experts who will interact with me on ideas, use-cases or initiatives that can transform business processes and revolutionize the way departments and people are working on deliverables.

Artificial Intelligence
Leenesh Singh
55 months ago

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Your question is pretty vast. it actually depends on following in my opinion - 
1. Your business problems
2. Your existing process 
3. Your end objective ( That is very important)
4. Your resources 
That is again true that automation and AI can solve most of the problems but not all. In any manual process, people do work on deliverables. Automation can help you to eliminate the repetitive or linear steps. AI can help you to make more automation rule. Again, it's a generic approach. Everything depends on your business problem.

Hitesh Mathpal
55 months ago

Business transformation using AI is happening in everywhere. Could you please be bit specific about the area you would like to explore?

Samares B
55 months ago

The benefit of automation is having machines performing repetitive operations, then you could have persons saving time and focusing on more important topics. AI is beneficial in trying to repeat what humans can do, it learns from experience trying to apply the best solution. To summarize, both works on data, but automation is an enabler to collect this, AI to understand and apply it. A successful combination of these two systems is beneficial to perform a business transformation.

Paolo Beffagnotti
55 months ago

Without knowing the situation (as previous posters noted) specific answers are impossible.

if you mean business transformation in terms of delivering much higher quality and customer experience, I would start with the most manual and/or error-prone parts of Your enterprise from the customer point of view. Then move on to mundane but reliable and finally areas that delight customers that also may be unexpected or provide competitive differentiation in the market

James C
55 months ago

Nowdays people enjoy AI for aiding business and are expecting AI to do more even to the extent of surpass human. But the obstacle is that how can we trust or understand what superman AI is doing correctly if we are intellectually inferior to them.

Yucong Duan
55 months ago

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