Store Front Businesses struggling to compete with Web Based Businesses-The How & Why?


Asides from the obvious dilemma that store front businesses face in competing with web based businesses such as the high cost of maintaining a physical property lease, large number of employees and the challenges of on hand inventory issues to include shrink; what other challenges are thwarting the brick & mortar retailer in staying competitive with his virtual counterpart?

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55 months ago

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I think that the technology is entering our houses and private life so fast and so deeply that offline shops have to adapt to new realities. I specialize in e-Commerce consulting. Most of my clients are offline and want to be online.
Currently even B2B companies buy e-Commerce solutions for their business. The answer is simple - more people search web for product information than ask for catalogs or visit stores - nearly 90% of searches, even for business.
It means that FMOT is online now. Simply offline brick-and-mortar shops have to invest in online solutions, otherwise they will disappear, like some shops on my street in NY. The omnichannel communication is crucial to succeed and survive. The technology changed everything, especially the cost of entering some industries. Some e-Commerce giants have fully robotized huge warehouses with a few people employed as operators, to cut costs and time of delivery.
Smaller shops introduced a special service, loyalty programs with marketing automation.
I think that offline shops will survive but they have to have a different better offer, uniqueness and great design of products, good return policies, great service, as well as in some cases an online shop for booking or pickup at shop.
People are counting money more than ever. Everything is more expensive, especially houses and rent. It means they don't have money for shopping. Wages grew only 5% in average since 2002.
These factors simply boost cheaper solutions, like online shopping, drop-shipping or lending, like Airbn, Uber or Lyft.
Simply I don't use a regular taxi anymore. This is a reality.

Urszula Urban
55 months ago
Very good insight. 'Uber' summed it up. You're people want the convenience, practicality and cost saving of an alternate' solution. Uber is probably the classic example of why the offline retailer are simply vanishing- I recall taking a yellow cab across my hometown going 10 miles and paying $25 dollars and now I can go across town paying $5 dollars with Uber. - ANTHONY MICHAEL 55 months ago
All we have to do is close the door. - Dr. David E. 43 months ago

I think this is a pretty large question - Online vs Offline retail. 
And big stores like Walmart have both. While giants like Amazon are primarily in online. Growing online retail has various success factors behind them - 
1. Easy shopping for customer and seller both. No queues, no discussions with salesperson etc.
2. Easy and quick payment (Online payments are pretty mature now and things like pay for delivery are game changer)
3. For shopper - home delivery is a huge advantage. 
4. For store owner - operations cost is an advantage ( Though we can argue operation cost in offline vs online, for small online stores it's cheap). You do not have to pay rent for a store in a busy street, that can cost you fortunes. 
Of course, there are few pitfalls of online stores as well. But, the way this industry is growing- the pitfalls are next to nothing ( or will become so).

Hitesh Mathpal
55 months ago
I agree its a huge question but when you really look at it, it took offline retailer years to implement platforms such as review, posting, sharing among social pages, ect Yes it true that Walmart finally got both but did lose its lead as the number world retailer now next to Amazon. And Amazon is completing the circle by the installment store fronts that support the Dist. Ctrs. - ANTHONY MICHAEL 55 months ago
The race is a marathon; not a spirnt - Dr. David E. 43 months ago
WM is actually profitable; Amazon not so much! - Dr. David E. 43 months ago

I have completely different opinion on this topic based on my reading of study reports published on this topic
The major disadvantages of online stores are w.r.t.

  • Customer needs to pay shipping and handling charges
  • Have different exchange/refund policy for returns
  • Fails to provide social or family buying experiences
  • Unable to provide feeling about the helpfulness of salespeople,
  • Providing adequate post-purchase service
  • Have lots of uncertainty about getting the right item in right time

The only advantages of online shopping are w.r.t.

  • Easy brand-selection from thousands of collections
  •  Availability of large numbers of variants
  •  Ease of browsing experience without any hindrance/shyness

The disadvantages of online shopping are so many that small advantages could not completely mitigate the disadvantages of online shopping. Practically speaking, online shopping had a complementary relationship with in-store shopping frequency and online shopping increase in-store shopping occasion. Major portions of store buyer used online shopping for information search and major portion of online buyers made trips to store for acquiring direct information and experience.
Therefore, online shopping in combination with in-store shopping (hybrid shopping) enables consumers to acquire product information and experience product, and easy transactions.

One possible solution to tackle the challenge is

  • Provide the consumers online shopping experience in the store it-self
Samares B
55 months ago
No denying that the Online Retailer has many pitfalls especially among smaller start-up and home based online business but it is fairly established knowledge that online retailers led the way to a whole new technological business model causing offline retailer to follow suit which we now see in the homogenizing of Online & Offline to our present concept of store front-web backed. - ANTHONY MICHAEL 55 months ago
Thank you - Dr. David E. 43 months ago

Difficult to say, both online and offline stores have advantages and disadvantages. They are now trying to adapt to challenges and take opportunities.
For examples online stores do not have to pay for a super expensive brick and mortar in the city center. On the other side the online competition is crazy, it is really tough to be visible to consumers in particular if you have big competitors such as Amazon.
Online shopping enables to easily check all the products for sale but for example you can't try anything before buying.
Online payments are easy but now you can pay with cards or mobile in brick and mortar stores as well.
To me a good solution is the combination of online and offline experiences to take the advantages of both channels and providing consumers with a great customized experience.

Paolo Beffagnotti
55 months ago
So true-and thats exactly whats happening...A solid store front business with all the logistics of a successful web based support system - ANTHONY MICHAEL 55 months ago
Cross and multi channels approaches are the next steps, if successful you could have a global visibility and access to consumers located in any market all over the world. Indeed time and efforts are required, this is not something that could be set up in a very short time. - Paolo 55 months ago
Can you say CHINA? - Dr. David E. 43 months ago

One of the leading differences between the online retailers and the trailing, struggling store front retailers is the basic philosophy of their prospective business models...lets look into in detail:
1 Web based, online retailers are appealing to a bigger, broader or select audience than the store front retailers.
A single online retailer can literally service an entire country in theory whereas the store front retailer has to contend with customer traffic within a few miles of his location. Just running the numbers alone in potential customers on this factor alone, puts the online retailer on top as far as sales potential.

1 Web based, online retailers are appealing to a bigger, broader or select audience than the store front retailers.
The online business can literally have a global presence while the store front is at the mercy of its 1 to 10 mile traffic zone.

2 Online retailers are more successful in targeting the demographics of their customer base.
Through its social pages such as facebook, twitter, instagram, ect, the online retailer is zeroing on its target audience.

3 An online business has the luxury to be located anywhere therefore taking advantage of lease/rent/property cost savings.
Goes without saying-no huge parking for customers or employees, no key real estate location, no huge overhead.

4 Online retailer avoid the unnecessary costs, liability and time spent on live customer service that store retailers incur.
By not having the live customer element onsite, things from accident slips & falls are avoided, customer theft, long lines, ect.

5 Online retailers are forward thinking pushing the bar on technological advances putting business literally in your fingertips.
Its the virtual world on the cutting edge, setting the trend on how to modernize business as store front business are copying.

6 Most importantly Online retailers are creating a whole new era of business philosophy and a mindset that is capturing not only the wallets of its customers but the very minds, hearts and souls...
... by sharing ideas, thoughts and feedback, by linking together and providing links to supporting business partners, by creating apps and modules that makes the shopping experience done easily from your smart phone, by providing shopping 24 hours a day-7 days a week, by being perceived as eco-friendly, green & sustainable, by challenging traditional, age-old practices of store front business and putting the customer/end user in control of the shopping experience with platforms such as review, 'likes', favoriting, following, mobile apps, text notifications and so on and ect. And leading the way with a whole new outlook on logistics, employee quality of life and the customer experience by rewarding their work staff, by having the product brought to your door step by allowing you to comment, post and share your experience directly with the online retailer. In large the online retailer has brought you-the customer-into the foreground of its business model.

Its has taken years for the brick and mortar retailers to finally see what the web based online retailers were doing was successful and only recently has the store front retailers starting implementing many of the tech tools and business model philosophies that are driving the success of the online communities. Just think about the very recent Amazon indoor city Rain Forest-incredible and compare that to nothing being done by its store front counterpart Walmart.

55 months ago
YEP - WM does nothing but employ folks in poor neighborhoods where there is no RF- - Dr. David E. 43 months ago

The future of 'brick' is in experience. 'Click' will be comparison and price oriented. And larger retailers will have to bridge the experience between brick and click.

For instance: only show limited amounts of sizes per item, but provide virtual fitting rooms and advice + 'click' type sending the items to your home, including good return conditions if you still don't like it.

Bart Groenewoud
54 months ago
YEP - JIT rocks - Dr. David E. 43 months ago

What will be the advantage of a unique design for me for a retail website ?

A unique design can certainly get the attention of website visitors, but it is very difficult to produce such designs. Thank you for what you cannot have as a unique design. Is it just about the graphics, theme for the layout which can give it a distinctive look? Either way, you must do your homework before moving on with your project. Website design can take several months to complete, and for a retail business, many features need to be incorporated. 
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Muneeb Qadar
14 months ago

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I can see that but I think we're splitting hairs here...Web Sites, pages or mobile apps which are just merely direct links back to an online business- the whole point is that, as you said yourself, business is at your fingertips whether you're sitting on the throne, out on the golf course or clicking onto an app while you should be working. Its just the evolution of a whole new model. - ANTHONY MICHAEL 55 months ago

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55 months ago
Hi from Don Leopard, see this new unparalleled marketing tool
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Find new friends and followers... and KEEP them!

Stop spending hours every week scouring the internet for new and interesting content for your Facebook page! Let us do it for you! (We'll even set up your FaceBook page for you if you don't have one already!)

You want to run your business, not your Facebook page!


Social presence is crucial!

You already know this... in today's connected world, you simply MUST have a way to regularly engage your prospects, customers, followers and friends. And posting new, exciting, and most importantly - RELEVANT content to your Facebook page is how to do it!
But who has the time to spend hours scouring the net for the latest most exciting content?
Heck, most folks running a business don't even have time to update their profiles regularly, much less manage their business Fan Page. And hiring an in-house social manager would amount to literally tens of thousands of dollars per year!

That's where ICAN GoSocial™ comes in!

Simply put, we do it for you!
It's the fastest, easiest way to get hot new content posted to your Facebook, not just on a monthly, or weekly basis, but even DAILY! In fact, we can fine tune your social management service to even post at certain times of the day, all on auto-pilot!
Best of all, your posted content will be fresh, engaging, relevant, and "buzz-worthy" -- which means your friends and followers will be much more likely to reshare it with their friends and followers! Imagine your prospects and customers doing your marketing and advertising for you!

Here's how it works:

You tell us what topics your followers would find interesting. Then, you let us know what time of day you'd like your viral content posted.
Then, our proprietary and sophisticated platform scours the internet to find hundreds of relevant and popular content based on the topics you provide. From this, our team hand-selects a large list of videos, articles, Pinterest posts, and more.
Our proprietary algorithm ensures that only the most engaging, most popular, and most potentially-viral content is chosen.
We then select the absolute best content to share with your customers, followers, and friends and add it to the "posting queue"... This queue then is drip-fed to your Facebook page every day to keep your followers entertained, and most importantly - engaged with your brand!

Hot Daily Content!

Our platform will drip-feed hand selected content daily to your followers!

Auto-Posting Platform!

Your hand-picked content is automatically posted every single day!

Custom Targeted Content!

You give us your topics and we scour the net for highly targeted content that will keep your followers entertained!

Complete White Glove Service!

After an initial phone interview, we take care of it all... you never have to worry about it again! (But feel free to let us know if you want to change something anytime!)

Timed Posting!

Simply let us know if there is a particular time of day you want your posts to appear!

Viral Content Algorithm!

Our platform's algorithm ensures only the most popular and virally-potent content is selected!

No FaceBook™ page? No Problem!

If you have an existing FaceBook™ page, great! If not, we'll automatically CREATE ONE FOR YOU! Just let us know on the order form and we'll take it from there!

Easy and Fast!

The ICAN GoSocial™ Facebook Management service is hands down the easiest and fastest way stay on top of your social presence. We do it all for you... So you can focus on what's important - run your business!

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