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In what ways can we train the millennial and Gen Y generations to engage in conscious balanced cell phone activity using mobile phones, specifically social media on cell phones, as a catalyst for entire wellbeing instead of stressor?
Do you see Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook as an evolutionary tool for spiritual intelligence and whole being wellness? How to we make mobile + social healthy?

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55 months ago

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I think first we need to understand what teenagers ( and most of the other people) do on mobile devices. And then why do they do that. Broadly two things are major.
Games - To get a sense of win, awards etc
Social Media - Communication, praise, and appreciation.
We need to come with health-oriented apps that can fulfill that combination. Fitbit does it up to a level. Also, IoT can play a major role. For example- there are fitness instruments which are connected to internet and cloud. A mashup of all these can be one alternative. 

Hitesh Mathpal
55 months ago
I liked the idea of IoT. - Charu 55 months ago

M-Health applications incorporated/installed in typical intelligent mobile, wearable, and ambient device applications for behavioral health care has high impact on (i) healthcare monitoring and alerting systems, (ii) record maintenance, (iii) clinical and administrative data collection, (iv) healthcare delivery programs, (v) medical information awareness, (vi) detection and prevention systems, (vii) drug counterfeiting and theft. Due to their inherent mobility functionalities, it will bring the heath care in patients and doctors hand. In other words, both physicians and patients get easy access to relevant data, such as reports, images, drug information, easy contact using mobile devices anywhere.

Some uses of mobile health care
Mobile health technology/apps can support the guidelines are reported related to (a) glycemic control and self-monitoring of blood glucose, (b) pharmacological approaches and medication management, (c) medical nutrition therapy, (d) physical activity and resistance training, (e) weight loss, (f) diabetes self-management education and (7g) blood pressure control and hypertension, (h) ECG by mobile technologies.

Potential advantages of mobile health care

  •  Large-scale clinical studies that utilize electrocardiography are easier to conduct using mobile technologies and the collected data are suitable for “big data” processing.
  • There may be positive aspects to using mobile technology at the bedside.
  •  Apps enhance access to current evidence.
  • Mobile technology enhances student teacher contentedness.
  • Mobile technology is particularly useful in remote areas for both learning and care delivery.

Future Research required
Although mobile technology has immense potential for personalizing patient care by providing phone apps that give clinicians more detailed information and data, easy accessibility to patients, there exists high demand for developing proper evaluation framework, which can only be achieved through extensive research. 

Samares B
55 months ago
I feel that this is an essential topic, and it needs in-depth study. - Alexander 55 months ago
Agree! Lots of work happening around the globe. - Samares 55 months ago
Yes, agree. I am interested in hearing about where mobile devices have helped others reconnect to total spiritual alignment - integration of the higher self and lower self, synthesis of wholeness. Where all things of health and wellness flow from this heightened awareness-Consciousness shifting in union the divine matrix, attuned to natural law vs. society's projection in media - - CRYSTAL 55 months ago

I specialise in finding people's motivations, and in allowing them to develop fresh motivations where there is none. The best tool for this is neurolinguistic programming. We can use NLP to wean people, not just young people, off their mobile phones and tablets out in public.

It starts by stopping using labels. "Millennials." "Gen Y." If you believe them to be people, your plans will be more effective.

Alexander Greene (LION)
55 months ago
Totally agree in getting rid of the labeling and considering rephrasing the question. I have use instagram to reprogram people's mindsets and redefine their lives in all ages - from 18 year olds to 45 year olds. I guess in general the question is how can we train any generation ( regardless of being a 'millennial or gen y ) how to engage in conscious balanced cell phone activity. - CRYSTAL 55 months ago
my question is more directed in the experience of balanced cell phone activity not the actual age itself ( i just have found in my research that a younger demographic does naturally seek out different motives of expression within a cell phone device that someone over 35 so they have evolved differently ) truth and alchemical soul alignment is of course available to all regardless of age - CRYSTAL 55 months ago
There was a social experiment which caught the attention of that target group. It gamified going out and meeting people in person. The game was "Pokemon Go." I don't hear much about it now, but in terms of trying to make it fun to get out more, it was a nice try. We need to try something like that. - Alexander 55 months ago
Alexander, Pokemon Go was created to incentive to be more active in the real world and it became a global event. However it could now slow down as US Government gets ready to shut its GPS service down for few weeks. - Paolo 55 months ago

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