Separation of biodegradable plastics from regular plastics types


How can Biodegradable Plastics be distinguished from regular plastics once it ends up in the environment or the recycling stream?

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John Gysbers, PMP
69 months ago

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I would have a guess at laser sorters, i’d Imagine there would be some differences that could be spotted under certain wavelengths, and optical sorters have been used in waste sorting for years (Tomra I think?).

Lee Reece
69 months ago
Agree, the problem with laser sorters however is the limited throughput, in order to make a real difference. I've tested laser sorters before and they are very promising - John 69 months ago

There are many ways the separation & recycling of biodegradable waste from conventional can be done, some of the possible strategies are 
• Developing the recycling awareness of residents
• Extending the responsibility of producer/industry
• Building Community business mechanism for separation & recycling 
• Providing economic incentive to the end-user for encouraging waste separation & recycling 
• Communication campaigns to consolidate the trust and inspire moral obligations
• Infrastructure upgradation to facilitate waste separation at home/improve sorting infrastructures and services
• Designing sorters capable of sorting biodegradable waste
• Provide special labeling/color to biodegradable packaging to differentiate it from plastics
• Developing deep research of waste management for developing waste sorters

Samares B
69 months ago

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