Quantitative Lung Ultrasonography. The best has yet to come.


In lung US the crowding of the so called B-lines artifacts is correlated in pulmonary edema to the amount of extra vascular fluid accumulation. When the alveolar phase is reached crowding becomes so relevant that the all lung appears white.  Although computer-aided Quantitative-Lung Ultrasonography (Q-LUS) represents just a new software application to LUS, it offers the advantages of extracting more information without increasing complexity and examination time and of increasing
operator perception because the human retina can differentiate only 30 shades of gray, whereas Q-LUS can differentiate 255 shades of gray, therefore providing more detailed quantification of ultrasound intensity.This software could be a robust approach for developing a portable device for the individualized and automatic detection of pulmonary interstitial
edema in chronic heart failure out-of-patients, which could have a high impact on public health. Because telemedicine is being increasingly used in many different scenarios for patient monitoring and specialist consultations, the development of operator-independent, computer-based systems to support clinical judgment contributes to promoting radical changes toward a patient-centric healthcare environment. I think this application could be used in the next future as a remote monitoring tool for chronic heart failure out-of-hospital patients, in order to anticipate the diagnosis of acute on chronic decompensation. Potentially this tool would trigger early medical management avoiding hospitalization and reducing costs.

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Non only Philips and not only Vascular tools. Check for Quantitative Lung Ultrasonography. The best has yet to come. I'm sure PMID: 27130285 Computer-Aided Quantitative Ultrasonography for Detection of Pulmonary Edema in Mechanically Ventilated Cardiac Surgery Patients, PMID: 23584050 Assessment of extravascular lung water by quantitative ultrasound and CT in isolated bovine lung. 

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