Blockchain in Health and Food Safety


Who is applying blockchain technology for quality and transparency in the health industry and food industry?

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Gary Epler
49 months ago

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All participants in health and food industry could apply by using API, apps to track products and having easy access to all the docs and certificates. The blockchain networks include both suppliers and retailers.
Walmart announced the intention to adopt it, further food suppliers and retailers such as Nestle and Kroger signalled their intention to collaborate too.

Paolo Beffagnotti
49 months ago
I'm familiar with Walmart and IBM's system - this is a good start. Thanks for the information. - Gary 49 months ago
Further information is available at - Paolo 49 months ago
Thanks Paolo. - Gary 49 months ago
Gary, I guess the IBM Blockchain Blog could be of interest, - Paolo 49 months ago
Paolo - IBM is developing a food safety program in China as counterfeit food is a big issue. - Gary 49 months ago
Yes, a Chinese university and JD, a Chinese marketplace, joined too trying to tackle this. - Paolo 49 months ago
What are your interests in blockchain technology? - Gary 49 months ago
Working in brand protection I am interested in every aspect of this technology - Paolo 49 months ago
Sounds good. - Gary 49 months ago

Blockchain technologies could “Uberize” the Hospitality food industry by eliminating middlemen and lowering transaction fees. This can lead to fairer pricing and even help smaller outfits desperate to get more market attention.

Tomo Dragosavljevic
49 months ago
I like your idea of improving and streamlining the hospitality food industry, something that I didn't realize could lead to fairer pricing and help the small outfits. Thanks. - Gary 49 months ago

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